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*slick as a whistle

quickly and cleanly; quickly and skillfully. (*Also: as ~.) Tom took a broom and a mop and cleaned the place up as slick as a whistle. slick as a whistle, Sally pulled off the bandage.
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slick something down

to brush or comb down hair, usually with some sort of dressing or water. He used something gooeygrease or somethingto slick his hair down. Please slick down your hair. You look a mess.
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slick something up

to tidy up something or some place. I have to slick this house up a little. Please slick up this room before company gets here.
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slick as a whistle

Very-smooth and neat; also, smoothly, quickly, easily. For example, That salesman is as slick as a whistle, or The fence post went in place slick as a whistle. The allusion in this simile, first recorded in 1830, is not totally clear, but presumably it refers either to the ease of producing a whistle or to its clear tone.
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slick back

To cause something, especially hair, to lie flat by making it moist or oily and brushing it back: He wet his hands and slicked back his hair. She slicks her curls back with gel.
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1. mod. clever; glib. His talk is slick, but his action is zotz.
2. mod. excellent. That is a slick idea.
3. n. a high-quality magazine printed on slick [coated] paper. The slicks are all carrying ads for products and services that couldn’t even be mentioned a few years ago.
4. n. a racing tire. (Auto racing.) That set of wheels has slicks. I wonder why.


n. an attractive and cute girl. Tiffany is a slick-chick. I wonder if she’d go out with me.
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A large portion of the slick, especially on the beaches, has been cleared.
If you and Slick will pay your share of the gas, I'm in.
With slick tyres returnING to Formula One in 2009, Vettel spent the entire day on the rubber, posting the quickest time of his 100 laps in one minute 18.
Every year we get reports of sewage slicks on inshore coastal waters and we treat each one seriously and carry out tests.
Pescanova has put considerable effort into to the battle against the oil slick.
DEADLY PERIL: Slicks off Spanish coast as seen from satellite Picture: EPA
Lickety Slicks Gel Pops will be available in grocery stores nationwide starting this month for a suggested retail price of $2.
This sampling and analysis of slicks, targeted using Infoterra's mapping, is critical in any offshore exploration program to characterize a basin petroleum system and validate its thermogenic nature.
Earlier, the official urged the Ministry of Environment and Water and Coast Guards to take measures to prevent the repetition of oil slicks and to take measures against erring ships and tankers.
Tests with slicks of concentrated DMS proved Nevitt's hunch correct.
On Tuesday, plane monitors spotted around 100 small slicks of about 10 metres (32 ft) in diameter some 330 km (205 miles) from the French coast and heading east into French waters.
Slicks on smoothly and evenly, giving a high-shine look.
The Flower Box features two bright and bold spring batik designs and contains 14 Slicks (R) chocolates, thin chocolate disks filled with an assortment of chocolate ganaches.
F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone said recently that he was in favour of a return to slicks which were replaced by grooved tyres in 1998 to reduce dangerous speeds.
They also poured out cod-liver oil and unscented and DMS-scented vegetable oil, which formed slicks on the water.