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(as) slick as a whistle

1. adjective Quick, smooth, skillful, or easy, as in manner or movement. My new scooter is slick as a whistle in traffic.
2. adverb In a quick, smooth, easy manner; quickly, skillfully, and neatly. Once she got into a rhythm, she had that wall built slick as a whistle. You should hear him on the phone, convincing clients as slick as a whistle to invest huge sums of money.
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slick up

1. To cause something, usually hair, to stand on end with water, oil, gel, or some other product. A noun or pronoun can be used between "slick" and "up." I wanted to slick my hair up into spikes for our school photos, but Mom wouldn't let me.
2. To cause something to become more sleek, attractive, stylish, or sophisticated in appearance. A noun or pronoun can be used between "slick" and "up." I hate the way studios try to slick up music these days with all these computer enhancements and polish. These sorts of movies are inherently goofy and lowbrow—why try to slick them up?
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slick down

To cause hair lie flat on the head with water, oil, gel, or some other product. A noun or pronoun can be used between "slick" and "down." I woke up with this annoying cowlick, and now I have to slick my hair down with gel. I've always liked the look of boys who slick their hair down and part it on one side.
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slick back

To brush hair to the back of the head and cause it to lie flat with water, oil, gel, or some other product. A noun or pronoun can be used between "slick" and "back." I wanted to slick my hair back for our school photos, but Mom wouldn't let me. Try slicking it back first, then style it from there.
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slick chick

slang A particularly shrewd, confident, and capable woman. "Chick" is often considered somewhat condescending or derogatory. I've heard she's a real slick chick, so I have no doubt that the company is in good hands. I thought I had made a good argument, but that slick chick kept twisting my words around to suit her own narrative.
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(as) slick as snot

slang Very slippery. Be careful out there—ice has made the steps slick as snot.
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*slick as a whistle

quickly and cleanly; quickly and skillfully. (*Also: as ~.) Tom took a broom and a mop and cleaned the place up as slick as a whistle. slick as a whistle, Sally pulled off the bandage.
See also: slick, whistle

slick something down

to brush or comb down hair, usually with some sort of dressing or water. He used something gooeygrease or somethingto slick his hair down. Please slick down your hair. You look a mess.
See also: down, slick

slick something up

to tidy up something or some place. I have to slick this house up a little. Please slick up this room before company gets here.
See also: slick, up

slick as a whistle

Very-smooth and neat; also, smoothly, quickly, easily. For example, That salesman is as slick as a whistle, or The fence post went in place slick as a whistle. The allusion in this simile, first recorded in 1830, is not totally clear, but presumably it refers either to the ease of producing a whistle or to its clear tone.
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slick back

To cause something, especially hair, to lie flat by making it moist or oily and brushing it back: He wet his hands and slicked back his hair. She slicks her curls back with gel.
See also: back, slick


1. mod. clever; glib. His talk is slick, but his action is zotz.
2. mod. excellent. That is a slick idea.
3. n. a high-quality magazine printed on slick [coated] paper. The slicks are all carrying ads for products and services that couldn’t even be mentioned a few years ago.
4. n. a racing tire. (Auto racing.) That set of wheels has slicks. I wonder why.


n. an attractive and cute girl. Tiffany is a slick-chick. I wonder if she’d go out with me.
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is a slickly film He packs his knapsack and heads to the capital, where he befriends Christopher Marlowe (Jim Howick), who is unemployed since the plague closed all of the playhouses.
"Edouard loves Slickly," Boutin said, before adding: "It was an easy decision as both Andre and Elisabeth Fabre really liked the filly as well.
GLEE -THE MUSIC SEASON ONE FANS of E4 high school comedy Glee will be familiar with its slickly produced renditions of songs as diverse as Kanye West's Golddigger and The Supremes' You Keep Me Hangin' On.
The tension builds well in a film that's slickly made and often fairly entertaining.
New Delhi, March 23 (ANI): Taking inspiration from the cinema of 70's, Indian fashion designer Ashish N.Soni presented a collection of eye-catching ensembles for the Autumn/Winter season at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.Female models walked the ramp in voluminous hairdos whereas spectacled male models with slickly plastered hairstyle set off Soni's creations to their advantageous best.
Its lists, grids of headed notepaper, books, and video presented dematerialized artwork in familiar though partially upgraded and re-embodied forms (Walsh's lists are on rag paper, Tribe's book slickly printed).
He believes that a majority, especially a majority of young people, will rally a round, say, abortion rights, affirmative action, and soak-the-rich taxes as long as they're slickly packaged via pop culture.
However, it still is a sharp and slickly directed drama with taut plots and a strong cast including Douglas Hodge as Sgt Major Burns and James Thornton as Staff Sgt Philip Roper.
She can slickly place display ads in page layouts and make nicely fitted stories out of the motley electronic jots and tittles that we editors give to her--and so far without a snarl or a whimper.
All in all, Bailey and Barbato's slickly produced confection is both insightful and entertaining, stuffed with enough of your favorite video clips to keep you glued to the set and tied together with Pop-Up Video--friendly trivia--like how Madonna met Sean Penn while filming "Material Girl." And did you know that the Spice Girls included a floating vibrator in one of their videos?
This is the first ever booted A3 and it slickly integrates more slickly integrates more seats-up load space than the A3 Sportback, with similarly ample passenger accommodation and performance.
The aerodynamically efficient exterior of the ASX is inspired by the Japanese company's Evo X performance saloon - so there's an in-your-face grille and headlights while the rest of the exterior is slickly designed.
Slickly lining up a series of jet-setting hijinks, the film ladles out zany, self-mocking fun, but a hectic itinerary doesn't give Zhang and co-star Wang Leehom much room to breathe.
SLICKLY That setback seemed to spark the Scots into life and they repaired some of the early damage via the boot of Harry Leonard.
They've not exactly gone experimental and kept close to the winning formula of well-written, slickly produced synth dance and ballads along with lyrics that won't trouble the imagination.