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city slicker

A derisive term for a city dweller who is assumed to be (or actually is) completely ignorant of life in a rural setting, and/or suave and deceptive. Look at that fool city slicker—he has no idea how to get that horse to listen to him. Don't let that city slicker con you out of all your hard-earned money!
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slicker than snot on a doorknob

slang Very slippery. Be careful out there—ice has made the steps slicker than snot on a doorknob.
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city slicker

someone from the city who is not familiar with country ways. Them city slickers think we're stupid just because we talk different. The city slicker didn't know the first thing about fishing for trout.
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city slicker

A smart, sophisticated urbanite. This American colloquialism, dating from the 1920s, is presumably taken from the adjective “slick” in the sense of smooth and plausible. The cliché gained renewed currency with two motion pictures, City Slickers (1991) and its 1994 sequel. The first film, which won Jack Palance an Oscar for best supporting actor, concerns three city-dwelling friends who sign up for a two-week cattle drive.
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We will be putting all our efforts into making sure patients' length of stay, if needed, is slicker. Glen Burley
Compare this huge motor to the 250 or 500-watt motors found in electric bikes and you can see why the City Slicker is much more powerful.
MV Magnier bought City Slicker for [euro]135,000 at last year's Tattersalls Ireland Derby Sale.
Head of Youth Performance, Damian McGrath, is delighted Slicker has taken the role.
Hip-well's counsel, Philip Hackett QC, said he had been the junior member of the City Slickers team and had received no guidance from his seniors.
Slicker's young side were always going to find it tough against a Barrow side widely regarded as the best outside Super League.
However, Mr Morgan was making a significant share purchase in the amount of pounds 20,000 in the knowledge that the City Slicker column had tipped Viglen as recently as 5 January and 11 January 2000 and would probably do so again.
DELIGHTED Giants coach Mick Slicker believes yesterday's magnificent 24-22 triumph at championship outfit Whitehaven proves the future of the club is in safe hands.
Oldham-based Slicker already has some top-line experience of filling a Head Scholarship role, having held the position with Bradford Bulls for 18 months two years ago.
While Slicker readers were treated to a whopping 159 per cent return, Jeff's got a 4.4 per cent profit.
mick slicker can look back on his four years at Huddersfield Giants with a great deal of pride and satisfaction.
AS Slicker readers will know, we're not in the business of crowing about past glories but with MV Sports we'll make an exception.
Newly-retired Mick Slicker is hoping to re-establish himself in the joinery trade.
Giants prop Mick Slicker has been forced to quit the game.
Woolwich chief executive John Stewart told Slicker the initiative was the first of its kind in Europe, outside Scandinavia, and went "well beyond the text message-based mobile banking services currently on offer".