slice through (something)

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slice through (something)

1. To cut all the way through to the other side of something with or as with a blade. We'll have to slice through these safety bars before we're able to get you out of there. They use an advanced laser to slice through the tumor without damaging healthy tissue.
2. To move or pass through something quickly and cleanly, like a knife. The player sliced through the midfield of the opposing team with remarkable speed and agility. The stock market finally sliced through the highpoint set before the economic crash. The only sound that morning was of the birds and my oars slicing through the water as I paddled across the lake.
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slice through something

to cut through something with slicing motions. The chef sliced through the ham as if it were butter. The knife was too dull to slice through the tomato.
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slice through

1. To cut through something: The chef sliced through the tomato with a sharp knife.
2. To move like a knife through something: The canoe sliced through the water.
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