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MTI is a leading supplier of advanced slicing and dicing systems for the manufacture of advanced GMR heads, selling to the world's leading hard disk drive suppliers.
The story begins on April 18, 1989, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Pink Logan Patent Number 4,821,635, covering a spiral slicing meat machine that would spiral slice boneless meats.
To prevent crumbling, be sure to use a very sharp knife for slicing on the diagonal.
Start by slicing a thin large flat loaf of Italian peasant bread lengthwise.
Keep slicing sections in half, very carefully, until you've cut onion 16 times.
Slicing the artichokes can be a little tricky, but detailed directions are included in the recipe.
When working with raw onions, rinse them with cold water after slicing or chopping for a crisper, cleaner flavor and to keep them from souring.
NOTE: Quickest way to thinly slice apples is to cut apples in half and slice in a food processor fitted with a thin slicing disk.