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Jackson had helped himself to a slice of the tepid filet which the mournful butler had handed him with a look as sceptical as his own, and had rejected the mushroom sauce after a scarcely perceptible sniff.
I want to know why you object," she said; taking back the neglected slice, and eating it herself.
Inside she found, nicely wrapped in white papers, a ham sandwich, a piece of sponge-cake, a pickle, a slice of new cheese and an apple.
Then a slice of our neighbours' land will be wanted by us for pasture and tillage, and they will want a slice of ours, if, like ourselves, they exceed the limit of necessity, and give themselves up to the unlimited accumulation of wealth?
It was so large that she couldn't help feeling a LITTLE shy with it, as she had been with the mutton; however, she conquered her shyness by a great effort and cut a slice and handed it to the Red Queen.
I wonder how you'd like it, if I were to cut a slice out of YOU, you creature
That being so, if you got rid of his slice for him it seems to me, that you earned your money.
And when I spotted this slice of his I just gave him a bit of advice.
It was a substantial meal; for, over and above the ordinary tea equipage, the board creaked beneath the weight of a jolly round of beef, a ham of the first magnitude, and sundry towers of buttered Yorkshire cake, piled slice upon slice in most alluring order.
I get on better when I talk,' said Noah, cutting a monstrous slice of bread.
A small tray of tea-things was arranged on the table; a plate of hot buttered toast was gently simmering before the fire; and the red-nosed man himself was busily engaged in converting a large slice of bread into the same agreeable edible, through the instrumentality of a long brass toasting-fork.
PRINCES TUNA MINI BEASTS (Serves 4) Preparation: | Approx 15 minutes INGREDIENTS: 8 slices of bread from a large, mediumcut loaf (white or wholemeal) 150g medium fat soft cheese 1 x 160g can Princes Sandwich Tuna, drained 1/4 cucumber, thinly sliced 4 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half 2 radishes, sliced 12 raisins or sultanas METHOD 1.
Todd put two slices of cheese on the bread and two slices in his mouth.
Every slice gives players points for their score, with multiple slices giving combos and additional points
At 4mm, slices of Cathedral City Mature; Thick Sliced are twice as thick as standard Cathedral City slices.