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Multiple regression findings indicate that chain delis reported more frequent slicer cleaning than did independent delis, and delis with more slicers, serving more customers, and selling more chubs daily reported more frequent slicer cleaning than did delis with fewer slicers, serving fewer customers, or selling fewer chubs daily.
Explain how using a food slicer helps with portion-control by slicing the desired amount of food.
Hobart's 3000 Series slicers, which will debut this summer, were developed to improve ease of use and simplify cleaning while maintaining durability and consistent slicing quality.
The 14-piece set includes an 8-inch chef, 8-inch slicer, 7-inch santoku, 5.
BACON slicers at the ready - Mick McCarthy's in town.
The design criteria for the new slicer focused on simplifying as many components as possible.
These results indicate that the pathogen can be transferred from a highly contaminated slicer onto meats.
Metabo Corporation offers new aluminum oxide Type 1 Original Slicer wheels that provide increased cutting speed and minimal burr when cutting light gauge metals.
After 18 months of trial and error, and many hours in the garage, the first Easy Slicer was produced.
Its Silver Professional Meat Slicer does everything the one behind the deli counter does, whether you're cutting through meat, cheese, or even vegetables, producing slices that can be paper-thin or robust slabs, each uniform in size.
The cafeteria manager who had sworn the slicer was sanitized after the initial incident later admitted she'd briefly blacked out while cleaning the machine and hadn't finished the task.
You would think that the biggest concern using a meat slicer would be adding a little unauthorized meat-by-product to the roast beast dinner.
Using a spiral vegetable slicer cut the potatoes to form long strips.
As reported by Streets Supervisor Randy Koloff, in winter 1998 Green River began testing Ice Slicer (Desert Mountain Corporation, Riverton, Wyoming), a low-corrosive, complex chloride ice melter consisting of synergistic trace materials plus sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium chlorides, and grit.
Consumer packs are not much better than last year," one told slicer told The Grocer.