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Frozen food wasn't introduced until the 1930s after sliced bread had already made its mark.
Southwestern mushroom: To prepare, you'll need a slice of bread, sliced extra firm tofu (or tempeh), chopped onions, drained canned mushrooms, salsa, and shredded vegan cheese.
To serve, place some sliced pig's leg in the center of the plate, spoon some sauce and pork sauce over the dish and sprinkle some orange zest and juniper berries around the dish.
Saute thinly sliced yellow squash and halved cherry tomatoes.
Other fast-fix, effortless creations you might give a whirl -- a rice salad with brown or wild rice, Italian vinaigrette, Dijon mustard, dried cherries or apricots, raisins, chopped green onions and red pepper, diced chicken and sliced almonds.
JALAPENO SOY DIPPING SAUCE: In a glass jar, combing 1 cup soy sauce and 1 jalapeno, thinly sliced crosswise.
1 medium red onion (about 1/2 pound), thinly sliced
27, 1999--In his on-going effort to protect the patents he has been granted for his spiral slicing machine and his spiral sliced boneless meats, Logan Farms' owner and CEO, Pink Logan, has filed suit against two of the nation's largest meat processing and marketing companies, Sara Lee and Honey Baked Hams.
Separate 1 Spanish onion, peeled and sliced into very thin rings, preferably using a mandoline and 1 red onion, peeled and sliced, into very thin rings, preferably using a mandoline; dredge onion rings in the flour mixture, shaking off any excess.
s (NASDAQ: LACE) reduced-fat "American" sliced cheese as "Best Reduced-Fat `American' slices" in distribution.
Pull it out of the fridge, top with apricot or peach preserves and sliced almonds and heat in the oven (in the serving dish) just until soft and slightly melty.
For something more substantial, you might even set out a baked, sliced ham with mini rolls or assorted breads along with an assortment of mustards.
Arrange 1/2 of potato slices in bottom of dish, add 1/2 of sliced pumpkin, then top with 1/2 of salt, pepper, cheese and butter.