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If you fancy a pie that's a wee bit more solid and sliceable, then think about chilling it overnight before removing from the tin.
They can be runny and gooey or soft and sliceable, depending on ripeness.
The Nutrilac proteins offer excellent emulsification properties, which means they can replace the emulsifying salts normally used to achieve a stable texture in spreadable, block and sliceable processed cheeses, as well as cheese sauce products.
But daydreams of creating a savory, sliceable loaf transport me back to a dinner with my best friend's family in 1972.
This traditional English ale style would suit a semi-hard, sliceable cheese such as a more mature Cheddar, Cheshire or Northumberland Coquetdale.
The slow aging process ensures a unique smooth and spicy flavor, while still retaining a creamy, sliceable texture.
It is a sliceable sausage made from pork and turkey which contains added green vegetables that form the face of an alien.
In order to have a successful final product you need to have plenty of layers of crisp filo pastry enclosing a centre of sliceable caramelised apple.