slice in

slice into (someone or something)

1. Literally, to pierce or cut into someone or something. I sliced into the roast pork to check if it was done cooking. A piece of broken glass sliced into me when I was walking across the sand.
2. Of a surgeon, to operate on someone. They said they could correct the issue with a minor surgery, but I am absolutely terrified of letting someone slice into me. The doctors are going to have to slice into him and put a stent into his heart.
3. To illicit a very sharp, arresting physical or emotional reaction in someone. The freezing cold water sliced into me as I jumped in up to my waist. Her eyes sliced into him from across the room, and he was unable to look away or think about anything, or anyone, else..
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slice in(to something)

to cut into something, usually with a knife or something similar. Betty sliced into the cake and discovered it was chocolate all the way through. It wasn't until she sliced in that she found out what kind of cake it was.
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To serve, set a Vidalia onion slice in the center of a plate and place a sturgeon fillet on top and sprinkle with salt and pepper.