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Top one slice with warm pulled pork, caramelised onions, American cheese and Gruyere.
For example the slice for the program in Figure 2 with respect to the variable sum at line 11 is statements 1 2 3 5 6 7 9 10 and 11.
A dynamic slice with respect to a slicing criterion < s, V >, for a particular execution, contains those statements that actually affect the slicing criterion in the particular execution.
Remove pork belly from braising liquid and cut into eight slices.
If you think that's a bargain, remember that every slice of the Hand Tossed Pepperoni is nearly the equivalent of a McDonald's Egg McMuffin.
An adrenal slice preparation for the study of chromaffin cells and their cholinergic innervation.
Thus, he thinks studies in these slices will provide valuable information about human brains.
For those of you who like to play with fire, thinly slice potatoes, place them on a barbecue tray with narrow slot widths (or make a tray with several strips of foil), and put them on the grill or in a smoker.
Add sliced vine ripened tomatoes, sorrel and baby spinach, then top with other slice of bread.
Arrange tomatoes on sheet pan and place a slice of garlic on each piece.
Figure 3A shows an individual fEPSP before and 60 min after induction of LTP from a control slice, whereas Figure 3B is a similar pair of responses from a slice perfused with Krebs-Ringer solution containing PCB.
Slice the apple into quarters so you have four slices similar in size.