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1. in. to drink to intoxication. They must have been slewing for an hour before one got up and left.
2. and slews n. a lot; lots. I have a whole slew of old computer programs at home in a box somewhere.


See slew
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and slewy and slued and sloughed (up) (slud and ˈslui and slud...)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Wallace is too slewed to drive.
See also: slew
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Continuous slewing increases productivity, as operators can move the crane where needed, in a full circle and beyond.
Continuous slewing makes lifting easier and safer, since operators can choose the best path for lifting, while avoiding unnecessary and potentially unsafe stops and backtracking.
HIAB cranes with continuous slewing are specifically built for high precision at long outreach (long-boom applications) or for more lifting power close to the truck (short-boom applications).
In addition, special solutions are available ex-stock, such as FDA-compliant slewing ring bearings (sliding parts made of iglidur A180) and slewing rings that are extremely chemical-resistant and can be used at up to 180[degrees]C (using the iglidur H1 bearing material).
com) is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom thin section bearings, high-level bearing assemblies, and slewing ring bearings for a wide range of manufacturing and process applications.
Acceleration and deceleration rates for slewing are user adjustable.
A feature that took some getting used to was SkySensor's variable-speed slewing.
When slewing at high speed they were not obtrusively noisy, falling between a Meade LX200 (loud) and a Celestron Ultima 2000 (quiet).
Product category offerings include Thinfinite[TM] thin section bearings, Slewinfinite[TM] slewing ring bearings, custom bearings, and remanufactured bearings and assemblies.
Kaydon Slewinfinite[TM] slewing ring bearing solutions are ideal for optimal economy in a given envelope dimension; for heavy-duty applications requiring significant load-carrying capacity; for designs where precise positioning is critical; and for the unique requirements of wind turbines.
Kaydon is a leading remanufacturer of slewing rings and other anti-friction bearings.
To underline this goal we now have one of the world's most advanced research and test facilities for slewing ring systems," says Dr.
The new development center has facilities for testing slewing rings with outside diameters of up to six meters.
In addition to the electronic slewing, the Ultima can be aimed manually without disrupting the computerized operation.
How long the internal AA batteries last depends on how much high-speed slewing you do.