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a slew of (something)

A very large number or amount of something; a lot of something. We've been coming up against a slew of legal issues getting our new subsidiary set up overseas. There are a slew of old computer parts scattered around the workshop, so have a look and see if you can find something you need. There are still a slew of bugs plaguing the operating system that we need to figure out before it's released next month.
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slang Very drunk. We had nearly four bottles of wine at lunch, so we were all pretty good and slewed by the end of the meal. You were supposed to be getting things ready for our presentation tomorrow, but instead you spent the whole night getting slewed with your ex-boyfriend!
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slews of (something)

Large numbers or amounts of something; lots of something. We've been coming up against slews of legal issues getting our new subsidiary set up overseas. There are slews of old computer parts scattered around the workshop, so have a look and see if you can find something you need.
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1. in. to drink to intoxication. They must have been slewing for an hour before one got up and left.
2. and slews n. a lot; lots. I have a whole slew of old computer programs at home in a box somewhere.


See slew
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and slewy and slued and sloughed (up) (slud and ˈslui and slud...)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Wallace is too slewed to drive.
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Open belongs to Mississippian Slew Hester; a legacy steeped deep in respect and honor.
SETUP is for adjusting various parameters such as slew speeds, altazimuth or equatorial tracking modes (in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere), the speed that information scrolls across the LED display, backlash compensation, and drive rate (from a choice of sidereal, King, lunar, and solar).
County unveiled Slew up front but it was a more familiar face who thought he had opened the scoring for Inverness inside five minutes.
ON PEDIGREE and performance, Slew City Slew deserved his chance at stud, but perhaps because he had been a late developer with a penchant for distances beyond a mile, he did not find top-quality mares in numbers beating a path to his door.
It looked as if the race had fallen into his hands, but Seattle Slew was not done for yet.
After an opening bid of $500,000, Unbridled Slew was the subject of a protracted duel between Darley agent Jimmy Bell and trainer Patrick Biancone, who was acting on behalf of the Egyptian brewing mogul Ahmed Zayat.
Seattle Slew died on May 7, 2002, the 25th anniversary of his Kentucky Derby win.
Maggie Slew became the first foal from the final crop of 1977 T riple Crown winner Seattle Slew to start in a race when she entered the stalls in the third race at Churchill Downs - a fivefurlong dash worth $45,280 - on Sunday.
Trained by Patrick Biancone for Frank Manganaro and sent off a 5-1 chance, Mambo Slew completed the nine furlongs on firm turf in 1min 47.24sec.
Gr1 winners: Adored (x 2), Landaluce, Slew O' Gold (x 7), Slewpy (x 2), Seattle Song (x 2), Swale (x 5), Tsunami Slew, Slew The Dragon, Life At The Top (x 2), Capote (x 2), Slew City Slew (x 2), Magic Of Life, Fast Play, Seattle Meteor, Hail Atlantis, Seaside Attraction, Septieme Ciel, A.P.
THE story of Seattle Slew is one of the most romantic in the annals of the American turf.
Andre Fabre and Olivier Peslier had a sensational afternoon at Deauville yesterday when they landed a five-timer, including the Group 3 Prix Gontaut-Biron with Slew The Red, writes Desmond Stoneham.
One of the Newmarket challenger's toughest rivals will be Slew The Red, trained by Andr Fabre.