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It is impossible to mention the excellent Sleight of Hand without talking about the two imposing (and again strange) figures that dominated the stage ( two dancers positioned on very high platforms, wearing floor-length costumes took on the appearance of monstrously tall people.
But there's really not much to ``The Illusionist'' once you get past all that sleight of hand.
Education Week followed the money trail and determined that Bennett's group got the cash through a combination of paperwork shuffling and bureaucratic sleight of hand.
Yet for all the implicit references to Hitchcock, detective fiction, and comic books, Baseman does not fall into caricature but preserves an auteurist sleight of hand.
This artistic optical illusion is a fitting metaphor for the political sleight of hand that is Ariel Sharon's Great Wall.
The visitors pressed and some Hayes' sleight of hand unlocked the door for centre James McLaren to storm over for a try which Hayes converted.
Thanks to some gravitational sleight of hand, researchers last March were treated to a magnified view of a gamma-ray burst dubbed GRB 00301C.
30pm, C4) details their potent mix of bright ideas, bold takeovers and sheer sleight of hand.
More than a year has passed since the constitutional right to confessional school boards in Quebec was removed by legislative sleight of hand.
The practice has performed a similar sleight of hand with the roof.
But one thing that doesn't disappear over the decades is our fascination for illusions, sleight of hand and all the imaginative magic acts that have lit up our stages and screens for years.
JUST as magicians use sleight of hand, it seems our politicians use sleight of politics to win over the public.
Administer the stuff between pitches with sleight of hand worthy of Penn Jillette.
Am I a little naive to dare think that something odd is taking place and that some sleight of hand has slipped into the system so that (A) is always covered and (B) is always out of pocket.