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Nantucket sleigh ride

An instance of a whaling ship that has hooked a whale and thus is being pulled by it. We're going on a Nantucket sleigh ride today, boys—I can feel it! There's a whale out there just waiting for our harpoons!
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take (one) for a sleigh ride

To con, swindle, mislead, or deceive someone. That get-rich-quick guru took tens of thousands of people for a sleigh ride, lining his own pockets with their investments. I can't believe I let the salesman take me for a sleigh ride like that.
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take someone for a sleigh ride

mislead someone.
A sleigh ride here is an implausible or false story or a hoax: if you take someone for a sleigh ride you mislead or cheat them. Sleigh ride can also mean ‘a drug-induced high’, so take a sleigh ride means ‘take drugs, especially cocaine’.
See also: ride, sleigh, someone, take
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Sleigher can't see any blood, but the tip of the knife is pressing into her skin and he can't be sure it hasn't yet entered the flesh.
From a kneeling position, five feet from the knifer and his victim, Sleigher yells in command voice, "Put down the knife
Sleigher shifts from kneeling to more of a squatting position, giving him more mobility.
Sleigher has the best shooting angle he's going to get and he can wait no longer.
As soon as Watkins throws his arm back, Sleigher fires.
Throwing his arm up over the top of her arm, the pistol held in only the strong hand now with the flat of its slide toward the floor, Sleigher fires two more rounds into Watkins' chest.
From when Deputy John Sleigher first saw the pair to when he pulled the terrified but unharmed woman out of the kitchen that was almost the scene of her murder, only some 20 seconds have elapsed.
Mike Maurice, fellow deputy, arrived on the scene as Sleigher was pulling the victim to safety.