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Nantucket sleigh ride

An instance of a whaling ship that has hooked a whale and thus is being pulled by it. We're going on a Nantucket sleigh ride today, boys—I can feel it! There's a whale out there just waiting for our harpoons!
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take (one) for a sleigh ride

To con, swindle, mislead, or deceive someone. That get-rich-quick guru took tens of thousands of people for a sleigh ride, lining his own pockets with their investments. I can't believe I let the salesman take me for a sleigh ride like that.
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take someone for a sleigh ride

mislead someone.
A sleigh ride here is an implausible or false story or a hoax: if you take someone for a sleigh ride you mislead or cheat them. Sleigh ride can also mean ‘a drug-induced high’, so take a sleigh ride means ‘take drugs, especially cocaine’.
See also: ride, sleigh, someone, take
References in classic literature ?
Many of the American sleighs are elegant though the use of this mode of conveyance is much lessened with the melioration of the climate consequent to the clearing of the forests.
They followed, tugging at the hand- sleigh, while nearer and nearer came the roaring march of the ice.
The weather was as pitiless as usual; but it is easier to draw a sleigh loaded with good food than to hunt starving.
She had never seen tin cooking-pots or wooden-shod sleighs before; but Kotuko the boy and Kotuko the dog were rather fond of her.
The world's largest men-only voluntary club is famous for its Santa sleigh floats that bring the joy of Christmas to hundreds of streets in the region.
SOAR Valley Rotary Club has raised more than PS4,800 from their Santa Sleigh run in the villages of the Soar Valley.
Sweden's houses should be able to cope when Santa and his sleigh land on their snowy roofs this Christmas -- as long as he doesn't try to deliver too many presents in one go.
Having your sleigh pulled by reindeers is all very well - but is it environmentally friendly?
HEAD to Coventry Transport Museum for a magical ride on a vintage sleigh, complete with a visit to Santa at the end of your journey.
You walked through the entrance into a wonderland of snow and Christmas trees and stepped into a sleigh (complete with life-sized reindeer), then had a magic ride to see Santa.
A Santa sleigh looked after by Swansea Council is out of action for Christmas and could end up on the scrapheap.
WEST Midlands mayor Andy Street has appointed fellow Conservative and Solihull Council leader Bob Sleigh as his deputy.
Councillor Sleigh had been combined authority chairman in the run-up to the mayoral election and Mr Street said he has the confidence of council leaders.
If you want to make provisions for beds and rest, this particular sleigh bed should be one of your preferred choices especially if you are thinking of beds for more than one person.
THE University of Central Lancashire has released a render of an improved sleigh (above) for Father Christmas.