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Nantucket sleigh ride

An instance of a whaling ship that has hooked a whale and thus is being pulled by it. We're going on a Nantucket sleigh ride today, boys—I can feel it! There's a whale out there just waiting for our harpoons!
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take (one) for a sleigh ride

To con, swindle, mislead, or deceive someone. That get-rich-quick guru took tens of thousands of people for a sleigh ride, lining his own pockets with their investments. I can't believe I let the salesman take me for a sleigh ride like that.
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take someone for a sleigh ride

mislead someone.
A sleigh ride here is an implausible or false story or a hoax: if you take someone for a sleigh ride you mislead or cheat them. Sleigh ride can also mean ‘a drug-induced high’, so take a sleigh ride means ‘take drugs, especially cocaine’.
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The eyes of the group in the sleigh naturally preceded the movement of the rifle, and they soon discovered the object of Natty’s aim.
At each movement he made his body lowered several inches, his knees yielding with an inclination inward; but, as the sleigh turned at a bend in the road, the youth cast his eyes in quest of his old companion, and he saw that he was already nearly concealed by the trunks of the tree; while his dogs were following quietly in his footsteps, occasionally scenting the deer track, that they seemed to know instinctively was now of no further use to them.
Many of the American sleighs are elegant though the use of this mode of conveyance is much lessened with the melioration of the climate consequent to the clearing of the forests.
The girl counted up the food in the sleigh; there was not more than two days' supply, and Kotuko looked over the iron heads and the deer-sinew fastenings of his harpoon and his seal-lance and his bird-dart.
He ripped a thin sliver of whalebone from the rim of a bird-snare that lay on the sleigh, and, after straightening, set it upright in a little hole in the ice, firming it down with his mitten.
They followed, tugging at the hand- sleigh, while nearer and nearer came the roaring march of the ice.
The weather was as pitiless as usual; but it is easier to draw a sleigh loaded with good food than to hunt starving.
She had never seen tin cooking-pots or wooden-shod sleighs before; but Kotuko the boy and Kotuko the dog were rather fond of her.
From a little distance you might have taken the lumps for seal or walrus, overturned sleighs or men on a hunting expedition, or even the great Ten-legged White Spirit-Bear himself; but in spite of these fantastic shapes, all on the very edge of starting into life, there was neither sound nor the least faint echo of sound.
Three hundred students, 500+ parents, administrators and community members enjoyed the Sleigh Bells Ring Musical Extravaganza in December at the Burlington Central High School.
Dear Editor The Rotary Club of Carse of Stirling would like to thank the people of Stirling (Shirras Brae, Broomridge, Wallace Park, Bannockburn, Cambusbarron, Coney Park, Torbrex, King's Park) for the generous donations made on our annual Santa's Sleigh run around the local areas in December.
Ellie Carroll and Danielle Gregory were delighted to accompany Santa's sleigh as it toured Golden Square, entertaining Christmas shoppers and sharing the good news that pantomime was returning to Parr Hall (oh no, it's not - oh yes, it is!).
However, what happens when the jolly, white-bearded man can no longer deliver his presents because his sleigh broke down?
A BRIGHT-SPARK garage owner has captured the Christmas spirit by turning a car into Santa's Sleigh.
Santa's sleigh was fully loaded on its latest travels around Monklands.