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Inks have a key role to play in successful sleeving, and Niklas Olsson, global brand manager of narrow web ink specialist XSYS Print Solutions, Sweden, looked at UV cured flexo inks for use in sleeves--particularly shrink sleeves (a market where 10 to 15 percent of all printed output is today achieved with UV flexo).
An estimated 70% of ready meal, meat and poultry sleeving is done by hand, this system utilises these standard hand applied sleeves and offers the producer immediate automation and labour savings.
An indexing product diverter turns filled plastic tubs through 90[degrees] into a 'Smart Belt' timer, which releases one at a time into the pockets of the sleeving machine.
Individually bottled portions of salad dressings for airline passengers and Five-Star London hotels are being given tamper evident protection on an automatic Sleevit Lite sleeving line from Turpins Packaging Systems.
The complete Sleevit Lite automatic sleeving system was originally designed to provide low cost tamper evident sleeving at up to 60 products per minute.
Delford has introduced a new CD-Rom and Sleeve Pack which demonstrates the advantages of the Delford SmartSleeve CT60 Sleeving System.
Graham Labelling Systems has supplied and installed a sleeving system for the newly established Riviera Food Products BV who specialise in importing classic Mediterranean foods.
The Graham RF range of compact, programmable sleeving and banding machines are able to cut and apply material to round and square containers at speeds of up to 250 per minute.
Tesco have installed a new, linerless, high-speed sleeving system from SE Dynarap, SE Sleeve, for their automated packaging lines for traypacked 'Ready to Roast' fresh meat joints.
SE Sleeve - a flexible, fast, linerless self-adhesive sleeving system - has been launched by SE Dynarap.