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She did not think she liked Miss Rogerson, and she felt very miserable; every other little girl in the class had puffed sleeves. Anne felt that life was really not worth living without puffed sleeves.
They all had puffed sleeves. I tried to imagine mine were puffed, too, but I couldn't.
"You shouldn't have been thinking about your sleeves in Sunday school.
The shake brought the glove on to the floor, from the other sleeve.
You ought to have seen the little witch laugh in her sleeve when any one admired the dress, for she wore it all summer and looked as pretty as a pink in it.
I reached for the monk's sleeve, in considerable excitement, and asked him what day of the month it was.
In the flexographic printing industry, there exists a necessary but often misunderstood technology: continuous print sleeves. Though often a requirement for full coverage, many printers and prepress providers have devised inventive methods to avoid using them, such as adding another color to press runs to hide gaps in print, performing elaborate cuts to nest images together and altering customer art from its original intent.
PUFFY sleeves aren't going anywhere for spring summer '19 - the volumous 80s favourite is bigger and bolder this season.
BOSTON -- Chain drug retailers have expressed interest in Brownmed's new Spark Kinetic Sleeves and are reviewing samples, says vice president of marketing Matt Garver.
'As some of these sleeve covers show, designers mostly used beautiful African art to adorn the sleeves and this was a deliberate method to make the music appeal to a certain group of audience and make the records appeal to them,' he added.
One of the biggest trends this season which everyone is practically obsessed with is the dramatic sleeves. Ladies are more obsessed with these dramatic sleeves because of the boldness and bulginess of this style.
In this installment, Project Editor Laura Hulslander had nearly finished a beautiful cardigan when she realized the sleeves were too long.
Yep, fashion's focus is squarely on sleeves right now, with exaggerated proportions and ruffle detailing adding interest to even the simplest of separates.