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The shake brought the glove on to the floor, from the other sleeve.
I reached for the monk's sleeve, in considerable excitement, and asked him what day of the month it was.
It is important to have the sleeves installed at least 24 hours in advance of the pipe gang.
Ladies are more obsessed with these dramatic sleeves because of the boldness and bulginess of this style.
When I make or buy jackets, the slightest movement causes the sleeves to drag uncomfortably on my upper arm.
In this installment, Project Editor Laura Hulslander had nearly finished a beautiful cardigan when she realized the sleeves were too long.
Yep, fashion's focus is squarely on sleeves right now, with exaggerated proportions and ruffle detailing adding interest to even the simplest of separates.
Think pretty Poet's sleeves, billowing bishop's sleeves and gigot sleeves (also called the leg-of-mutton sleeve).
If tight sleeves cannot be rolled up, they commonly do not want to spend the time to remove patients' clothes, so they measure blood pressure over the sleeve.
com)-- Accent Sleeves, a New Unique Swimsuit Cover-Up for Women at Sears & Kmart
Shrink sleeves are growing at twice the rate of the industry at the expense of other technologies," explains Andrew Hulse, vice president of sales and marketing at Accraply, a manufacturer of shrink sleeve converting equipment.
The Sleeve Installers are the choice of most contractors for their point repair systems; whether it consists of installing cured-in-place (ambient, hot water or steam cure) or mechanical locking sleeves.
According to the maker, this new sleeves allows curing lights to perform as well as if no barrier were being used.
Rotech's solution came in the form of its RF2, a standalone friction feed overprinting system that would enable the manufacturer to code the sleeves offline and bring them to the production line already printed.
By Julie Hannah SLEEVES are back, according to Marks & Spencer's new style director Belinda Earl.