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According to Eric Fresnel, president of Sleever International in France, "The choice of label material and equipment is best done on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether the bottle is filled hot or cold, sleeved before or after filling, and other variables.
John Alonso, AET Films' market development manager, notes that BOPP labels use a lower-density material and require one less fabrication step than sleeved labels, yet still offer full-body, 360[degrees] graphic capability.
Sleever's Stegmaier argues that sleeved shrink labels are justified only when they add vane through graphics or new functionality.
Currently two glass jars and a tapered glass bottle are filled (with products such as Pesto, Olives and Olive Oil sourced from countries such as Italy, Greece and Turkey), capped and sleeved.
Jars at Essex-based Andrews Freight Services were originally being sleeved by hand and shrunk by heat application.
Any incorrectly sleeved bottles or those with no sleeves on are automatically ejected.