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The condensate pan of the PTAC chassis can drain to the sill of the surrounding sleeve by either overtopping if condensate is excessive, or through a valve in the sill of the chassis that is activated by low temperature to prevent frost forming on coils.
Facilities using both exothermic and insulating sleeves have conflicting practices when opting for a particular sleeve type.
Typically, after application it is perforated so that the hologram works as tear tape to remove the sleeve.
How big is too big While wearing a puffed sleeves dress or a top it is important to keep your body frame in mind.
Briggs & Riley Travelware, a company specialising in luggage and business cases, has announced that it will be introducing SpeedThru laptop sleeves.
com for a Sleeve face archive as well as a How To Sleeve face video.
The sleeves are available in sizes to cover common shaft diameters from 12 to 203mm and, subject to minimum order requirements, custom sizes can also be produced.
Polyzen says Tadco requested it to develop a sleeve that was easy to manufacture and versatile, and with peel-down features that would allow easy access for laryngoscopes.
The CT60 is designed as an entry level system and is ideal for upgrading hand-sleeving lines, which still account for 70% of all sleeve packaging operations, says Delford.
The method includes the step of applying a heat shrinkable plastics sleeve to at least that part of the object most vulnerable to decay.
Mensware gets an updated twist with girlie ruffles and the latest puff sleeve.
The largest coil wound onto the sleeve is 86 inches (2.