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Hawkeye, without looking round to read his triumph in applauding eyes, very composedly stretched his tall frame before the dying embers, and closed his own organs in sleep.
said the abbot, and crossed himself; "may that sleep be to the refresh- ment of his body and his soul.
Yes--'after life's fitful fever they sleep well,'" I muttered.
And now," he concluded, "I shall lie down beneath this tree and sleep.
Tom was just on the edge of a deep sleep when he heard Ned murmur:
And a hermit's got to sleep on the hardest place he can find, and put sackcloth and ashes on his head, and stand out in the rain, and --"
You must go back and get your sleep out," she said.
The dumb welcome of the dogs, when the movements in the room had roused them from their sleep, touched her more acutely still.
She must never be left to sleep on there, for she seemed good to sleep till midnight.
Leave this mansion instantly, while its inmates sleep sound after the last night's revel.
Then she said she would not sell it unless she was granted one favour--namely, to sleep by the Prince's door.
Before going to sleep he was sufficiently wide awake to put a paper bag over his head to keep off the flies.
Don Quixote obeyed nature so far as to sleep his first sleep, but did not give way to the second, very different from Sancho, who never had any second, because with him sleep lasted from night till morning, wherein he showed what a sound constitution and few cares he had.
The time seemed endless until sleep began to flicker in her eyelids.
How long we slept I do not know; but our sleep must have lasted long, for it rested us completely from our fatigues.