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class="gmail-westernThe deeper problem is not that you're sleeping with someone else, but why.
"He would ring me several times in the morning and would accuse me of sleeping with someone else if I didn't answer.
If he does end up sleeping with someone, I know the people he's on holiday with will protect him and won't breathe a word of it.
A WOMAN punched her partner in the head during a row in which he was accused of sleeping with someone else.
"If you're sleeping with someone new I always feel I have to live up to the character of Stifler's mum.
My friends ask me how someone can stand sleeping with someone of the same sex?
The 24-year-old hitmaker - who is presently dating bar owner Luc Carl, who she has known since she was 19 - says she didn't enjoy sleeping with someone until much later and feels making love is a way of expressing "vulnerability".
If Calum has been sleeping with someone else you need to know - for the sake of your sexual health as much as your self respect.
Not only is her boyfriend Steve sleeping with someone else, but she also manages to kill someone.
But she denied sleeping with someone else, saying she had been trying to finish their three-year relationship.
Jenkins, 30, of Pleasant View, Beddau, also punched her and grabbed her by her neck after coming home drunk and suggesting during a row that she had been sleeping with someone else.
Each bedroom had its own story (the retired couple who took nightly phone calls from their unhappily married daughter in America, the young housesitter who was sleeping with someone who claimed to be a celebrity gardener and the new mum convinced her husband was having an affair) and each had several comical and dramatic twists and turns along the way.
For instance, moving to a larger mattress would help solve the problem for those sleeping with someone who hogs the mattress or someone who tosses and turns all night.
Just after Christmas we broke up over a silly argument and while we were apart I ended up sleeping with someone else.
The same percentage even said they would understand if their partner suddenly confessed to sleeping with someone else.