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I think I must have continued my wonder in my dreams, for, sleeping and waking my thoughts always came back to the little punctures in her throat and the ragged, exhausted appearance of their edges, tiny though they were.
The other got carefully erect, and the loud young soldier led him among the sleeping forms lying in groups and rows.
He found him sleeping in his tent hard by his own ship; his goodly armour lay beside him--his shield, his two spears and his helmet; beside him also lay the gleaming girdle with which the old man girded himself when he armed to lead his people into battle--for his age stayed him not.
If then you can do anything--for you too cannot sleep--let us go the round of the watch, and see whether they are drowsy with toil and sleeping to the neglect of their duty.
This loving couple entered their nuptial bed only to deceive each other; both feigned sleep, and left it,--Luigi, as soon as he thought his wife was sleeping, Ginevra as soon as he had gone.
The last rays of the sun, entering through the garret window, were fading from Ginevra's face as she sat sleeping in her chair, and holding her child upon her breast.
But there went a report through all the land of the beautiful sleeping Briar Rose (for so the king's daughter was called): so that, from time to time, several kings' sons came, and tried to break through the thicket into the palace.
He would permit no one to approach the sleeping visitor, nor any singing, nor loud talking.
In he trotted and sniffed at the sleeping girl in the cotton shift who believed that Van Horn was going to eat her if he could succeed in fattening her.
I have a dream of laying my head on your breast and sleeping an aeon or so, and the dream will come true ere another year is gone.
Show these guests to some of the sleeping apartments," he commanded, "and be quick about it, too, for I'm dreadfully sleepy myself.
He was in an intermediate state between sleeping and waking; at variance with himself, with his company, with the country, and with the government.
But it is bad sleeping without a good name and a little treasure.
The sleeping man was Hugh; and perhaps it was not unnatural for Dennis to feel in a state of very uncomfortable suspense, and to wish with his whole soul that he might never wake again.
She lay in the state between sleeping and waking, looking so long at his motionless figure that at length she almost feared he had died as he sat there; and softly rising and drawing close to him, ventured to whisper in his ear.