sleep off

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sleep off

To reduce or rid oneself of some unpleasant condition by getting extra sleep. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sleep" and "off." He drank a bit too much, but he'll be fine—he just needs to sleep it off. I think I'll head home early and try to sleep off this head cold.
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sleep something off

to sleep while the effects of liquor or drugs pass away. John drank too much and went home to sleep it off. Bill is at home sleeping off the effects of the drug they gave him.
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sleep off

To get rid of something while sleeping: She went home to sleep off her headache. He has a hangover—let him sleep it off.
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sleep it off

tv. to sleep while the effects of drugs or alcohol wear off. I’m polluted, I guesh. Have to get home and sleep it off.
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Up to 50 binge drinkers at a time, who are unable to make their own way home, will be able to sleep off the alcohol in a room at the Guildhall on the Quayside.
Drunken revellers will be able to sleep off the booze at a makeshift all-night clinic opening on Tyneside from this weekend.
Liverpool lawyer Martin Edwards has some prematch advice for managers who suspect their staff of taking a 'sickie' to travel to Turkey - or to sleep off their hangover.
'Many people try to sleep off a problem, but as our survey shows people are even having difficulty doing that.'
Tony, 25, had staggered back to the camp where he and the band were staying and was trying to sleep off the drink when he suddenly found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.
And with today a Bank Holiday, thankfully most will be able to sleep off their post-match hangovers in peace.
Flying Brit Tim Henman took just 124 seconds to polish off Luke Milligan yesterday - then vowed to SLEEP off his Centre Court success.
Charity finds her in a drunken stupor and takes her upstairs to sleep off her booze binge.
"She'd spent 48 hours in bed trying to sleep off what she thought was a stomach bug.
The girl was put to in the recovery position at the family home in Pwll, Llanelli, South Wales, in May 2007, to "sleep off" the drug and was later found dead.
Mr Dalzell, 48, was trying to sleep off a drinking binge under a quilt, wearing only his socks and pants, when Muir attacked him at the drinking den on Whitecrook Street on February 21.
Maybe you can check in to one of the rooms they have available to sleep off the day's self indulgence.
It is not so long ago that Boxing Day was as quiet as Christmas itself - a time to sleep off the indulgence of the night before and spend time with the family.
At one time the millionaire rock idol used to sleep off his drunken binges in stinking rubbish skips - with his chauffeur-driven limousine waiting patiently alongside to take him home once he had sobered up.
A DRUNKEN dad let his eight-year-old son drive him AND his young daughter while he tried to sleep off the booze, US cops revealed yesterday.