sleep away

sleep something away

to spend or waste a specific period of time sleeping. You can't sleep the whole day away! Jim slept away his whole vacation.
See also: away, sleep
References in classic literature ?
He meant to go to bed and try to sleep away these wretched doubts and questionings.
Sleep away peacefully, and remember that before we go we shall leave you a nice fat chicken all ready for your breakfast in the morning.
He made her promise that she would not sleep away from the house, or be out late in the evening, while he was gone.
Instead, his thoughts ran riot in his brain, driving sleep away.
And when I doze over that, I beat my head with my knuckles in order to drive sleep away.
Sikes, meanwhile, flinging himself on the bed, and composing himself to sleep away the time until the young lady's return.
Do you not observe that these athletes sleep away their lives, and are liable to most dangerous illnesses if they depart, in ever so slight a degree, from their customary regimen?
She threw herself on her bed, with a sullen impulse to sleep away the time.
And now, good-night; go to your rooms, and try to sleep away all recollections of this evening.
a place to sleep away from war and hope for my tomorrow.
Have you ever seen a tea-seller taking their sleep away.
And for fans of politics, with tomorrow's Spending Review just a sleep away, it's a big old week.
9 If you get food cravings in the evening, remember a feast is just a single sleep away.
Memories TIME passes so quickly Another year gone by Each year seems faster Gone in the blink of an eye You have not noticed For you time stands still We still grow older You never will Each mother's day We think of you Remembering that day That day you left us So sad you went away The tears have subsided The loss is here to stay Time to find that special card A bouquet of lovely flowers Time to come and visit While you sleep away the hours You will never see the flowers Never read the words Written from the heart Never see the tear As we turn When we must part.