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If he doesn't go to sleep in half an hour you must call me.
Well, well, let's lie down again and sleep out what little of the night there's left, and God will send us dawn and we shall be all right.
After a long spell she seemed sinking off to sleep, but with an effort seemed to pull herself together and shook it off.
A seaman could not be mistaken, and I told the Canadian all that had passed during his sleep.
Occasionally, in this low-arched hall, a soldier would arouse and turn his body to a new posi- tion, the experience of his sleep having taught him of uneven and objectionable places upon the ground under him.
Such sleep as that, brought on without an opiate, would be worth more to me than half my income; for it would suppose health and an untroubled mind.
I am thus abroad because sleep sits not upon my eyelids, but my heart is big with war and with the jeopardy of the Achaeans.
She tenderly kissed me, She fondly caressed, And then I fell gently To sleep on her breast -- Deeply to sleep From the heaven of her breast.
This loving couple entered their nuptial bed only to deceive each other; both feigned sleep, and left it,--Luigi, as soon as he thought his wife was sleeping, Ginevra as soon as he had gone.
Examine thy customs of diet, sleep, exercise, apparel, and the like; and try, in any thing thou shalt judge hurtful, to discontinue it, by little and little; but so, as if thou dost find any inconvenience by the change, thou come back to it again: for it is hard to distinguish that which is generally held good and wholesome, from that which is good particularly, and fit for thine own body.
Yes, I must lie still and feign sleep, with every nerve and fibre leaping within me, lest the she-devil below should suspect me of suspicions
That night, alone in new surroundings, he was long unable to sleep.
And now," he concluded, "I shall lie down beneath this tree and sleep.
I, who had seen trees only in parks and illustrated books, wandered in my sleep through interminable forests.
The first watch, from eight to twelve, was the mate's; and Captain Van Horn, forced below by the driving wet of a heavy rain squall, took Jerry with him to sleep in the tiny stateroom.