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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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sled over something

to travel over something, such as snow, in a sled. We sledded rapidly over the fresh snow, scooting down the hill. We wanted to sled over the new snow, but we had to wait until Uncle Herman had taken a picture of it for his scrapbook.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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Dow is applying the knowledge of physical sciences and state of the art engineering tools to develop an advanced luge sled.
The delivery ceremony for the sled at the firm's research center in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, was attended by Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Yang Woong-chul and Korea's national bobsled team athletes and coaching staff.
Falcons White defender David Michael slid across the ice, trying to block Falcons Black attacker Ethan Burkhart's shot on goal during the sled hockey game in Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse at Lake Forest College Jan.
Those interested in para-skeleton, however, will have a more difficult time trying out the sport, as most athletes own customized sleds, helmets and spikes.
Now, with this little electric sled, it becomes hard to not believe in his ability of making all of these futuristic concepts real.
With no snow to continue their trek by dog sled, they had to wait out the summer, hunting to provide food, until the next winter came and they were able to continue their journey.
Toboggans, saucers and flat sheets are harder to steer, while more traditional sleds provide greater control.
But both Deen and his brake-man John Baines believe their continued improvement over the two-man competition bodes well for when they join up with Ben Simons and another as yet unconfirmed teammate in the GB2 sled for the fourman competition, which begins on Saturday.
South Paris, Maine, the nation's oldest manufacturer of sleds and toboggans until its closure in 1989, was established in 1861.
At the other end of the spectrum were Srilata Thirunagari of Westboro, and her two daughters Shilpa and Shoba Thirukkovalur, who, sporting three brand new brightly colored plastic sleds, were enjoying their first ever sledding experiences.
The sleds are much handier and lighter-weight than anything on wheels.
That's where the changes Bohl is making to luge sleds come into play.
Both of those sleds are made in their Silverton workshop, which is being moved to Crested Butte.
The sled is simple, rugged, goes fast, will handle several hundred pounds and is a cinch to build.
On the way out the door I set the digital video recorder and we load up the family van with four sleds, three friends, two of my children, one dog and off we go.