sled down

sled down (something)

To travel on a sled from the top of something down to the bottom of it. We always go sledding down the hill behind our school whenever we get a snow day. With his leg broken, he managed to sled down the mountain by rigging his skis and jacket into a makeshift toboggan.
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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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SLED DOWN A VOLCANO There are 19 volcanoes in Nicaragua and although there's still life in several of the fiery devils, many have hiking routes.
Most people are accustomed to seeing bobsledders sprint and push their sled down the start and then use their bodies to maneuver themselves to jump into the sled and tuck and hold on before using the G-forces around the curves.
Karlie Kloss bounces a basketball, Kendall Jenner pays homage to Rocky in a shadow boxing routine and plus-sized model Ashley Graham pulls a sled down a New York street, albeit in her pants.
Putter remembered what fun he had as a boy racing his sled down the slope of snow.
SLIPPING OUT A mother and son sled down Washington's Capitol Hill
Other forces, like drag, slow the sled down. Drag occurs when air pushes against an object.
Broadway continued to sled down the slopes of January doldrums in week 34 (Jan.
This will allow air to flow around the sled more easily instead of creating drag, or air resistance, that slows a sled down.
Instead we have the option of treading on a plastic mat to slow the sled down, or a metal brake to bring them to a halt.
Supersonic Sled demonstrates all the hardware features such as GPU-accelerated tessellation, NVIDIAA PhysXA and CUDAao technologies and lets users race a rocket-powered sled down a track at high-speeds for a phenomenal visual demonstration of the capabilities of the ZOTAC GeForceA GTX 465 while Design Garage takes advantage of ray tracing technology to colorize and render exotic cars with photo-realistic details and utilizing the full power of the ZOTAC GeForceA GTX 465 graphics card.
In subsequent scenes as the grandchildren arrive at their grandparents' country home the boy pictures his parents using pillows to sled down the stairs (with feathers flying!) eating junk food and playing with the children's toys including his very own Beasty Bugs action figures.
One winter tradition she remembers fondly involves a big hill near the Highway Department building in Tupelo, where children would sled down on garbage can lids and boxes when it snowed.
Henry, the record-setting former Oregon hammer thrower, will attempt to make the move from spinning in the circle under warm summer skies to pushing a sled down an icy run in the dead of winter when she tries out for the U.S.
As it turned out, I bogged my sled down and it got stuck better than three quarters of the way up.