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ghetto sled

slang A car that is in poor condition, typically an old one. You won't be able to drive that old ghetto sled forever, you know.
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sled across (something)

To traverse some substance or area while riding a sled. It was so quiet and still as we sledded across the freshly fallen snow. They're sledding across the field to bring presents to their grandparents' house.
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sled down (something)

To travel on a sled from the top of something down to the bottom of it. We always go sledding down the hill behind our school whenever we get a snow day. With his leg broken, he managed to sled down the mountain by rigging his skis and jacket into a makeshift toboggan.
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sled over (something)

To traverse some substance or area while riding a sled. It was so quiet and still as we sledded over the freshly fallen snow. They're sledding over the field to bring presents to their grandparents' house.
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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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sled over something

to travel over something, such as snow, in a sled. We sledded rapidly over the fresh snow, scooting down the hill. We wanted to sled over the new snow, but we had to wait until Uncle Herman had taken a picture of it for his scrapbook.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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He added: "It's been a full-on way of life with the sled dogs.
In their off season, the dogs work with their human team members to provide tours in the Fairbanks area Tours are available year-round and generally range from about two to three hours in length; tours include learning to drive a sled, riding on a sled or wheeled vehicle, or nature walks with the husky puppies and/or adult dogs.
In the 1920s, Flexible Flyer stressed steering's role in a sled that was "safe," in addition to being "swift and handsome." And Morton still stresses the same attribute.
Although Mike plays with adult teams, he still goes to The NJ Devils Youth Hockey Sled team practices.
Although the leading bobsled duo Won Yun-jong and Seo Young-woo, who used Hyundai's sled in the 2016-2017 season, finally decided to use Latvia's BTC sled for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, the head coach denied speculation that the decision was made over the difference between the two sleds in performances.
As if barreling down an icy track at high speed in a bobsled isn't enough of a thrill, try doing it headfirst on sled a little bigger than a cookie sheet--that's the sport of para-skeleton.
Caption: The Lead Sled DFT 2 allows you to eliminate a lot of the human element when testing loads and rifles, and its weight (with added lead) helps tame hard-kicking rifles so you can shoot them longer.
On top of the sled is a large box filled with concrete.
Someone is waiting there to help you get on a sled. The sled might be made of wood, or it might be just a block of ice with a straw pad.
Hyperloop conducts a successful early test of the propulsion system for its proposed high-speed transport system in the Nevada desert - accelerating a sled to 87kmph in 1.1 seconds.
Together with four friends, the 44-yearold Birmingham teaching assistant endured cold winds and treacherous trails over Easter to travel by dog sled from Oteren in Norway to Jukkasjarvi in Sweden - a distance It was like rollercoasterdon't like It was the I've ever Shellie of more than 250km.
It was not the sled or even the exhilarating rides itself that made sledding special to my sister and me.