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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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sled over something

to travel over something, such as snow, in a sled. We sledded rapidly over the fresh snow, scooting down the hill. We wanted to sled over the new snow, but we had to wait until Uncle Herman had taken a picture of it for his scrapbook.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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Highlighting Labatt's sled hockey awareness initiative is its partnership with national sportscaster, John Buccigross, whose passion for hockey runs deep.
Since sleds can reach speeds of 25 mph, proper precautions should be taken to protect sledders from possible injury.
Pinson contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct[TM] to represent the Wheel Barrow Sled to potential licensees for a 2 year period.
38 seconds, but it was not enough to make the cut for the fourth and final run, for which only the top 20 sleds qualify.
Ideas for a speedier sled include altering the sled's width or the shape of its fiberglass shell.
The other sleds, along with wagons and ornaments, are built in China and then imported (Brice Hoskin, who is fluent in Mandarin, inspects the China operation's products several times a year).
The center "ring" will be cut as wide as the sled will be.
Aren't you supposed to sit on the sled before it goes down the hill?
As I shower before work the next morning I added up the cost: 45 minutes lost sleep, $0; hot chocolate, $2; new sled, $22; having an unexpectedly great time with my kids and heading off to work relaxed and refreshed, priceless
While there is no fee to use the sled hill, a state Sno Park Permit is required to park there.
The major shortcoming of the original Lead Sled design was the front rest was fixed.
In the March 2007 issue, in the article titled "Going to the Dogs," the caption of Balto referred to him as the lead dog in the sled dog run serum run from Anchorage to Nome.
Execute forward resistance training without a partner by easily converting your Power Sled to a drive sled.
Libby wiggled with excitement as she watched her dad hook up their six Alaskan huskies to the red and black canvas sled.
Daniel Melville, Chukka Caribbean Adventures' Ocho Rios-based general manager, says the venture was inspired by a summer visit his father made to Canada, where he saw a musher running a dog team on a wheeled sled over snow-less terrain, with the wheels enabling him to train year-round.