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sleaze factor

The element in a political party, administration, or other organization that is corrupt, controversial, or tainted by scandal. For example, I can't see myself making a campaign contribution to them-there's too much of a sleaze factor . This slangy expression derives from the adjective sleazy, which means "vulgar" or "tawdry." The idiom was first used in politics in the 1980s.
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and sleez (sliz)
1. n. a low and despicable person. You’d expect to find a sleaze like that in a sleazoid joint like this.
2. n. any junk. I won’t sell sleez like that! I won’t even have it in my store.
3. in. to act low; to be sexually promiscuous. She looks like the type who will sleaze and lie to get her own way.


n. a repellent person, thing, or place. Gad, what a sleaze-bucket! Let me out of here!
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MP Ali Al Zayed welcomed measures already taken to tackle sleaze, but said alcohol should be outlawed.
On the other hand, much of the Labour sleaze is as old as the hills, but went unnoticed before Mr Blair's welcome reforms and new technology revealed it to shocked voters.
The issue of Lord Irvine's wallpaper was hardly sleaze but really stupid.
But I think it does point out the hypocrisy of what they said at the time: 'purer than pure', 'whiter than white', 'tough on sleaze, tough on the causes of sleaze
Sleaze finished off the Tories and it will do the same for Labour.
Read a never-before-published interview with the late Sister Sleaze, one of the group's early members, only on Advocate.
An aide said: "He's very much against sleaze and has felt for a long time parliament needs cleaning up.
This idea has been revived in the wake of the Mittal allegations of sleaze, or worse, now confronting the Government.
Is it that art viewers are tiring of sleaze and pornography and gravitating toward art that uplifts the soul and images beauty?
The legislation follows concerns highlighted by the Neill Committee on Standards in Public Life, set up after a series of political scandals and allegations of sleaze.
Even the cut version is a jaw-dropper; (now) with its five full minutes of sleaze restored, it (the original version) has to be seen to be not quite believed.
Plaid's outstanding record of being clean of sleaze at Westminster, and of giving the lead to avoid such problems in the Assembly makes Plaid's candidates - like Phil Edwards in Aberconwy - a natural choice for voters disgruntled with the London parties.
Mr Byrne, MP for Hodge Hill, told the Commons sleaze watchdog that the envelopes were used by an office volunteer who was not familiar with the rules.
Party leader David Cameron - who has tried to claim Tory sleaze is in the past - was left with no choice but to throw Dover out of the party.
Labour's reforms, which aimed to halt the sleaze of the Tory years, only succeeded in making things worse.