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The agency reported three anti-gay male slayings that year, but no anti-lesbian homicides.
For instance, investigators in the much-publicized slayings of Matthew Shepard and Billy Jack Gaither have been unable to establish connections between the four young white men arrested in the two cases and organized hate groups or antigay activists.
22, 2000, slaying of O'Keefe, an 18-year-old Antelope Valley College student.
Under cross-examination by defense attorney David Houchin, Harris said detectives initially thought the slaying might have occurred during a carjacking attempt.
Wes Chormicle, who worked with Jennings after the killing at a Lancaster car dealership, also said he overheard Jennings tell other employees details of the slaying, such as the sequence of shots that struck the victim.
Wes Chormicle, who worked after the killing at a Lancaster car dealership with former Park and Ride security guard Raymond Lee Jennings, also said he overheard Jennings tell other employees details of Michelle O'Keefe's slaying, such as the sequence of shots and that there was evidence of which investigators were not aware.
The special-circumstance allegation that makes him eligible for life without parole or the death penalty in the prison slaying is that he was previously convicted of first-degree murder, Campbell said.
Jose Medina, 25, was sentenced in the January 2004 slaying of 18-year- old Ernesto Barba, who was shot and killed after a fight with a group of men who had been standing outside a house where he went to retrieve a music CD.
The lengthy article by Randall Sullivan, author of the book ``Labyrinth'' about the killing, contends that the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Times failed to engage possible links between the slaying of Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.
Domnic Blackburn, 21, made his first court appearance Monday but didn't enter a plea on charges connected to the slaying of 20-year-old Ian Hennen, who was shot Thursday on a Quartz Hill street, but drove away and later died.
Authorities said a slaying Sunday evening was in retaliation for a fatal drive-by shooting Oct.
Twenty-six years after Jill Mary Parenteau was strangled to death in her Burbank apartment, a man in jail in Orange County has been indicted in her murder and the slaying of three other women during the 1970s, prosecutors announced Monday.
Pavelka's slaying spurred crackdowns by federal, state and local law enforcement officials.
The unidentified man was stopped at the Mexican border Sunday and was brought back to Ventura County for questioning in connection with the Saturday slaying of Daniel Mora.