slate (someone or something) for (something)

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slate (someone or something) for (something)

To schedule or organize for someone or something to do something or take place at some particular time. Often used in passive constructions. You're presentation is slated for this afternoon at 3 PM. I'm slated for a meeting with the boss later.
See also: slate

slate someone or something for something

to schedule someone or something for some thing or a particular time. They slated me for a trip to Columbia, Missouri, in August. Wally slated the meeting room for his presentation.
See also: slate

slate for

1. To schedule or designate someone or something to take place at some time: Our professor has slated the history lecture for Thursday afternoon.
2. To arrange for something to be or to undergo something: The contractor has slated the building for destruction. This boss has slated me for a promotion.
See also: slate
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"As a lot of people know, Sunderland are very passionate fans and we've had a couple of last minute equalisers this year which resulted in some Sunderland fans encroaching the pitch and people have slated us for it but you know, taking glass bottles and throwing them from 30 feet in the air, it's a bit too far for me."
An angry Rochelle Wiseman said: "Example slated us for the lyrics of Notorious.
One slated us for not being eco-friendly because we sent the CD in a plastic wallet."
"The manager rightly slated us for our performance against Dunfermline, but we are in determined mood.
"The manager rightly slated us for our performance against Dunfermline last week, but we are in determined mood.