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Nazario said he and Lieber are still debating whether to treat slapping the same way or simply to encourage those who witness it to report it.
Fourteen European countries have already banned slapping by parents.
Slapping, punching or hitting may be a quick and easy way to follow the DOOR SECURE step in the TM checklist, but it's not good for the cockpit doors.
The senator was reacting to the slapping match between Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.
He also denied slapping the constable during a heated altercation.
CALVIN Harris has told his online followers about a new craze among tequila drinkers - which sees them slapping each another.
A local government minister in India has deemed that slapping a lazy civil servant in public is acceptable.
It's not acceptable and I'm really disappointed there was spitting, slapping and threats.
Lucknow, Jan 25 ( ANI ): Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Wednesday hit out at Anna Hazare over his latest slapping remark, and underscored that he always considered the veteran social activist as 'Gandhivaadi', but his comments of favouring violence reflects he is getting influenced by the Sangh Parivar and opposition who have a history of supporting violence.
It uses as a trigger the incident of a man at a Melbourne barbeque lunch slapping a bratty child who is not his own, and then examines how that one incident colours and alters the lives of all those present at that party.
Happy Slapping is thought to have originated as a craze in South London less than a year ago.
Ben Tempest, 15, was suspended from Ysgol Aberconwy, Conwy, for one day after being filmed on a camera-phone slapping a fellow pupil.
When Lang's score treads on poignant ground, sure, there's a bit of tenderness, a kiss here, a kiss there, but these are also ballet bitches, slapping and being slapped.
Life has a way of slapping people around to get their attention.