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a knee-slapper

A hilarious joke, especially one that evokes loud and prolonged laughter. My uncle told me a real knee-slapper the other day! Do you want to hear it?


A hilarious joke, especially one that evokes loud and prolonged laughter. My uncle told me a real thigh-slapper the other day! Do you want to hear it?
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A spokesperson for Symantec has claimed that Slapper creates a peer-to-peer network with each server that is affected joining the network.
In fact, Senior, if this is all that were in that container store, then the Chief Thief Slapper must be taken before Senior Prefect St Martins (not Adoagyiri) for causing financial loss to the village.
Mrs Manoj denied a claim by the male employee that he "only accidently touched her hand" and that the "slapper" remark was a joke.
Apparently this thief slapper, Freddy de Bull de la Scalla was going to a bush nearby with brothers to chew grass when the foreman of a certain susu-kiosk called Middle Ground Susu and Business Enterprise International called upon his services to drive away a certain daughter of Eve from their premises.
Last week she had on a pair of shorts and a strapless bra at a party and I heard one boy saying "I'm having a go at the slapper." She's also started flirting with much older men and I'm really worried about her.
London, Dec 1 (ANI): Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has branded 'serial mistress' Sarah Symonds "a slapper" after she exposed her alleged relationship with him.
THE gauche Wayne Rooney was in full spate this week, telling us that his shame for brothel-creeping with a tart known as "The Auld Slapper" is unending.
Mr Happy, for example, could shake off his wholesome image and attract a teenage audience by rebranding as Mr Happy Slapper.
He never did and when my friend asked his best mate why, he said I was a bit of a slapper. I'm so upset - how can I explain to him?
THE "Auld Slapper" sex worker at the centre of Wayne Rooney's previous vice shame yesterday offered her sympathy to Coleen, saying: "My heart goes out to her."
Throw in the alleged affair with a professional slapper and I rest my case, M'Lord.
Kiwi Cole, who previously dated slapper Abi Titmuss, fell for the charms of another big slapper, Big Brother "star" Sam Heuston, 24.