slap in

slap someone in something

Fig. Inf. to put or throw someone in jail or prison. The sheriff slapped the crooks in jail. Do you want me to slap you in jail?
See also: slap
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Summary: Alabama Victory is a slap in the face to the GOP and the 'Alt-Reich'
It also represents a "huge slap in the face of efforts taken to restart Palestinian-Israeli negotiations aimed at the incarnation of a two-state solution based on well-known international references and the Arab Peace Initiative," it added.
Officially, the group claimed that such surveillance would be a slap in the face for foreign students.
Councillor Charles Forbes said: "His letter is a slap in the face for us.
The picture also is a slap in the face to a president and attorney general who permitted and later tried to justify the behavior it depicted.
I feel that the effort to lower the standards of the CBEST is a slap in the face to all people who have worked so hard to become qualified educators.