slap down

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slap someone down

1. Lit. to cause someone to fall by striking with the open hand. she became enraged and slapped him down when he approached her again. Liz slapped down the insulting wretch.
2. Fig. to squelch someone; to rebuke or rebuff someone. I had a great idea, but the boss slapped me down. Don't slap down people without hearing what they have to say.
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slap something down

to strike downward with something flat in one's hand. she slapped the dollar bill down in great anger and took her paper cup full of water away with her. Karen slapped down the money that the bailiff demanded.
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slap down

Restrain or correct emphatically, as in They thought he was getting far too arrogant and needed to be slapped down. This idiom, which literally means "inflict a physical blow," began to be used figuratively in the first half of the 1900s.
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slap down

1. To restrain or correct someone with a sharp blow or forceful censure: The soldier slapped me down for talking back. The judge slapped down the defendant for speaking out of turn.
2. To put a sudden end to something; suppress something: We must slap this behavior down before it gets out of control. The school slapped down roughhousing on the playground after a child had been hurt.
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And in the process, they would get to again slap down the Kings, whose continued moaning about how they were jobbed by the officials in the Western Conference finals clearly has got under the Lakers' skin.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw also appeared to slap down Cabinet colleague Clare Short yesterday over her attack on the US.
49ers (-3) at Falcons: In a world gone mad, the Georgia Dome would be filled with high-society Atlantans watching the newfangled Falcons slap down the casino gold-digging 49ers to take over first place in the NFC West.
As a storm erupted over the leak, embarrassed Prime Minister John Major was forced to slap down his own deputy.
HOW dare Tony Blair slap down Labour minister Peter Hain for raising the possibility of increasing the tax rate for those at the very top of the pay scale.
Furious John Prescott is set to slap down Labour Party chairman Charles Clarke because his allies are claiming he will take over as Deputy PM when Mr Prescott retires.
But before you slap down that credit card or wad of cash for airline tickets, check out www.
If I practised six hours a day in the full knowledge that once I got to the table there was nothing my opponent could do to baulk me, that no hairy-arsed joiner would slap down 10p on the corner and say 'I'm on next', and that no-one on an adjoining table would ask to borrow the rest while I'm lining up another black, I'd be sinking 147s like I sink 1664s.
Directors like Spielberg understand that few movie fans slap down $7.