slap against

slap against (someone or something)

1. To make an audible slapping or smacking noise as a result of repeatedly striking or colliding with something or something. The tarpaulin came loose in the wind and started slapping against the side of the house. The dog's tail kept slapping against me while I ate my dinner.
2. To strike something against someone or something in such a way as to produce a slapping or smacking noise. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "slap" and "against." She slapped the wet towel against my back. The wind keeps slapping the flag against the side of the building.
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slap something against someone or something

to flap or strike something onto someone or something. The wind slapped the branch against Walter. The gusts from the storm slapped the shutters against the side of the house.
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slap against someone or something

[for something] to flap or strike against someone or something. The flag kept slapping against Ed, making it hard for him to remain at attention. The awning slapped against the side of the house.
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The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will decide within this month what supervisory action to slap against BDO Unibank Inc.
For the tide of crisp packets and Styrofoam trays To lap and rustle and slap Against another closed door, Another back turned Against the tired, poor, excluded Yearning to be free?
IT SEEMS a bit of a joke to me that the FA have allowed Andy Todd to walk away scot-free for his forearm smash on Robin van Persie in the FA Cup semi-final, especially when you bear in mind the three-match ban that Jose Reyes picked up for his girlie, glove-handed slap against Sheffield United.
"This is a bold-faced slap against mediocrity," said Trevor Creed, senior vice president-Design, Chrysler Group.
Pramoedya: Every award for me is important because it means a slap against militarism and fascism in Indonesia.
Situated on a grassy expanse high above Lake Chautauqua, right next to the student.' dorms, the brown-shingled structure recalls an airy summer lodge: Screen doors slap against their frames as classes take in and let out; a pale yellow front porch invites lingering.