slant toward (someone or something)

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slant toward (someone or something)

1. To lean, tilt, or incline in the direction of someone or something. His eyelids began to droop as he started slanting toward me in his chair. Is it just me, or is the north wall slanting slightly toward the road?
2. To hold, represent, or play into a bias in favor or support of someone or something. While the newspaper typically slants toward more conservative viewpoints, it has come out in favor of the governor's plan to increase taxes The group has always slanted toward federal deregulation and the autonomy of citizens, being very vocal in its opposition of governmental control or interference.
3. To write or present something in such a way as to form, represent, or play into a bias in favor or support of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "slant" and "toward." Please try to keep your writing neutral—we don't want you slanting your articles toward any politicians or political parties. Purporting itself to simply be presenting facts, it's pretty clear the director has slanted the documentary toward the convicts who claim they were framed by the state.
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slant something toward someone or something

 and slant something in favor of someone or something
to bias something toward someone or something; to twist information so it favors someone or something. The writer slanted the story toward the plaintiff's charges. The reporter slanted her story in favor of one political party.
See also: slant, toward

slant toward someone or something

to incline toward someone or something. The scenery slanted toward the actors and looked as if it would fall. Everything in your sketch slants toward the right.
See also: slant, toward
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The typical human reaction to death is always slanted towards regretful ponderings, but all I could recall was you earlier this year telling me: 'KO, I stared death in the face and he dismissively waved back in retreat.
Stuart Williams is one of the trainers to have serious misgivings about the system, saying: "I think it's slanted towards big firms who have the secretaries and private handicappers who can sit and watch entries and say 'We've got a better one than that' and then enter theirs.
"From the uncontroverted evidence presented by the prosecution and the accused's own admissions on his receipt of the money for the complainant, there is no room for any doubt as to the exact nature of the transaction between the accused and the complainant and it is quid pro quo, money in exchange for a resolution slanted towards the latter," the decision read.
'If a particular news agency is owned by any political party, then there is a tendency you see media reports being slanted towards their end,' he said.
The whole system is slanted towards larger health systems."Larry Downs, Medical Society of New Jersey"We're going to help our members put together what they need in an arbitration setting," Downs said.
Strengthening the capital base of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) was strongly welcomed by the Minister, given that the WBG and the development community as a whole had clearly established that the future of development finance would be clearly slanted towards the private sector, requiring a much stronger and larger IFC, equipped with the financial means to mobilise untapped private capital, create markets, and expand deployment of private sector solutions.
Although the book is slanted towards Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and other religions are represented.
Despite the fact that how convoluted the issue is, it seems to be gaining momentum and the debate seems to be slanted towards Indian Muslim women attaining some justice after all.
The net new asset flows on a year to date basis for the RIA channel have been especially slanted towards passive management at 80 percent compared to only 20 percent in actively managed products.
The 2015 Auckland study she refers to was grossly slanted towards law change.
The move against Hafez came days after the Ministry of Waqf slapped a ban on well-known cleric Mohammad Jebril after he gave a sermon in a Cairo mosque seen as critical of the government and its loyalists and slanted towards the Muslim Brotherhood.
The tuning of the two transducers is slanted towards highs so what you get are shrill peaks and a decidedly bright sound signature.
The report was clearly slanted towards the Longbridge site.
The current data is very much slanted towards businesses who manufacture and physically export.
Virtually all the questions were slanted towards finding out how culpable the fans were: "What time did you arrive at the ground?