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a new slant

A unique angle, approach, or perspective toward something. It is taken from sailing terminology, in which "a new slant" is applied to the boat to achieve the its optimum angle of heel. This band is great, they really bring a new slant to the heavy metal scene. We want to hire an executive who will bring a new slant to the direction of the company.
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slant against something

to rest obliquely against something. The bookcase slants against the wall, and it should be straight. The lumber was left slanted against the garage.
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slant something against someone or something

to bias something against someone or something; to twist information so it is against someone or something. The writer slanted the story against the innocent people of the town. The reporter slanted her story against one political party.
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slant something toward someone or something

 and slant something in favor of someone or something
to bias something toward someone or something; to twist information so it favors someone or something. The writer slanted the story toward the plaintiff's charges. The reporter slanted her story in favor of one political party.
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slant toward someone or something

to incline toward someone or something. The scenery slanted toward the actors and looked as if it would fall. Everything in your sketch slants toward the right.
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n. a biased view; a unique perception. (A synonym for angle.) You can probably give us yet another slant on this problem.
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They are as follows: attached low-drag (ALD) state at slant angle from 0[degrees] to 20[degrees] where downwash flow separation rarely occurs on the slanted base, high-drag (HD) state from 20[degrees] to 30[degrees] where the downwash separates from the top of the slanted base and reattaches at the middle, and separated low-drag (SLD) state where reattachment does not occur above 30[degrees].
1) For each pixel column in the Rol (rotated to the position of the top edge Rol, for reference purposes) the position of the separation line between the background and the slanted rectangle is determined by maximizing the difference of the sums of two groups of consecutive pixels (e.
5) Using the line tool, draw a vertical line from the upper to the lower slanted line on both ends to form the back corners of the building.
Giles denies the paper slanted coverage and says he never knowingly printed a false story during his tenure.
The teacher related many of the claims made by advocates for the newer, slanted manuscript style (Coon & Palmer, 1993; Thurber, 1993b).
Although water droplets are continuously deposited on a slanted surface, water runs off the surface at irregular intervals rather than continuously.
Rice also asked for a report on the building's fourth floor, which she described as ``noticeably slanted.
Once a snake clamps down, it uses rows of inwardly slanted teeth to inch its meal back toward its throat.
Wells to fit his own agenda, he quotes only specific pieces Coren mentioned in his own slanted and incomplete study of Wells.
They were often built with the stage slanted toward the audience to enhance the view.
The new 3-D display offerings combine Philips' unique patented slanted lenticular lens technology with real time 2-D to 3-D conversion software that can toggle between 2-D and 3-D on any type of flat display module (transmissive LCD, reflective LCD or emissive display).
Barbara Daly Make-Up for Tesco, pounds 5 Brilliant value for money, these slanted tweezers have a high-quality feel.
This tale baffled me as a child, since our house didn't have the oft-depicted slanted roof of every Santa tale; because reindeer lack the concave hooves of mountain goats, which would allow them to stand comfortably on a slanted surface; and because the triple-decker in which I was raised had no discernible chimney, much less a fireplace.
They have a 240-rpm rotor, two bed knives, and an open rotor with three adjustable, slanted blades.
Add the fact that MTV--although it denies it--provides this massive audience with news that is obviously slanted to the left.