slant toward (someone or something)

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slant toward (someone or something)

1. To lean, tilt, or incline in the direction of someone or something. His eyelids began to droop as he started slanting toward me in his chair. Is it just me, or is the north wall slanting slightly toward the road?
2. To hold, represent, or play into a bias in favor or support of someone or something. While the newspaper typically slants toward more conservative viewpoints, it has come out in favor of the governor's plan to increase taxes The group has always slanted toward federal deregulation and the autonomy of citizens, being very vocal in its opposition of governmental control or interference.
3. To write or present something in such a way as to form, represent, or play into a bias in favor or support of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "slant" and "toward." Please try to keep your writing neutral—we don't want you slanting your articles toward any politicians or political parties. Purporting itself to simply be presenting facts, it's pretty clear the director has slanted the documentary toward the convicts who claim they were framed by the state.
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slant something toward someone or something

 and slant something in favor of someone or something
to bias something toward someone or something; to twist information so it favors someone or something. The writer slanted the story toward the plaintiff's charges. The reporter slanted her story in favor of one political party.
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slant toward someone or something

to incline toward someone or something. The scenery slanted toward the actors and looked as if it would fall. Everything in your sketch slants toward the right.
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References in classic literature ?
Close-hauled on the south-east trades, the Mary Turner began her long slant toward the Marquesas.
Indian actress Shabana Azmi described herself as an 'optimist' who has immense faith in India's pluralism, despite her country's dominant slant towards the right on the political front.
The authors are German and there is a noticeable slant towards society in their part of the world.
Moreover, purchaser slant towards home grown and natural fixings in various items going from restorative, sustenance to therapeutic items is probably going to fuel the argan oil market development.
Course contents are pitched above NUC minimum standards with slant towards 21st century skills, especially critical thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurship and digital literacy.
And these words below it: "Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew has promised a new brand of football this season with a slant towards the tikitaka style pioneered by reigning La Liga champions Barcelona."
Cllr Carwyn Jones said: "This report has been written with a clear slant towards closing the home.
A recline of near 180 degrees would be a lie- flat seat as per Urban Online Dictionary, even when the angle of the seat is not parallel to the floor but has a slant towards it." Jain, however, observed: " The meaning given in Urban Online Dictionary can be of no help since a passenger will not consult a dictionary before making a booking.
With a set that was fairly well spread across all four records, with a slant towards the newest So Long, See You Tomorrow, the gig's main flaw was that many of the songs tend to blend into one another.
“Recognizing the changing trends in media consumption particularly among Millennials, RogueFlix decided to buck the trend and actively seek serialized content at last year's American Film Market with a slant towards webseries,” stated Bryan Duran, co-founder of RogueFlix.
He was part of a team responsible for rolling 2G and 3G networks out across Europe and latterly heavily involved in delivering broadband solutions with a specific slant towards wireless technology.
"Our April findings build on previous years' search patterns, which showed a slant towards booking early, especially for families with children who often need to plan their holidays up to three months in advance," says Hallak.
"It will be my voice, not an operatic voice, but there will be a slant towards a more operatic feel.
The site's content currently has a slant towards the US market but the information is there and any currency differences can be easily worked out using an online calculator.
Although High Chaparral was a Group 1-winning two-year-old and is capable of siring useful juveniles - Joanna, Serienhoehe and Lady Darshaan are the most notable examples - his stud record shows a distinctive slant towards later-maturing types.