slant toward

slant something toward someone or something

 and slant something in favor of someone or something
to bias something toward someone or something; to twist information so it favors someone or something. The writer slanted the story toward the plaintiff's charges. The reporter slanted her story in favor of one political party.
See also: slant, toward

slant toward someone or something

to incline toward someone or something. The scenery slanted toward the actors and looked as if it would fall. Everything in your sketch slants toward the right.
See also: slant, toward
References in classic literature ?
Close-hauled on the south-east trades, the Mary Turner began her long slant toward the Marquesas.
THIRD WORLDI don't want to get into the tedious argument about the Western media's slant toward the Third World.
Obviously, individual cats will be a mix of personality traits, but most cats showed a definite slant toward one set of personality factors or another, based on the behavior rankings provided by their owners.
The slant toward this sector facilitated the citys stronger performance and rental growth.
A psychiatrist, the author has a decided slant toward the power of psychotherapy, but her professional experience also adds technical depth and emotional breadth to the novel.
While hip-hop's slant toward streaming services is pronounced, it's not the most severe among all the popular genres.
Since it is not a huge volume, entries are selective; they represent a mix of broad basic information and a slant toward art-school culture.
It is common for the grade under decks to be sunken or slant toward the house.
The ultimate aim being for NEDA to transform their brand to become synonymous with the go to source for knowledge and information news related to economic development, with a slant toward issues facing the northeast.
After Caller Insults Morsi, Radio Host Investigated for Defamation Egypt Independent is an independent newspaper which generally maintains a slant toward liberalism and away from the Islamist trend.
However, I think there is a bit of a slant toward the all-in-one avionics box with your magazine and I don't really agree with it.
Looking forward, Fotovat expects the slant toward specific target audiences only to increase.
This book will prove quite challenging to reluctant readers who might be drawn in by the title, as it takes an academic (if scattered) slant toward the exploration of zombies.
The region is now at a juncture, with the renewed launch of western-Iranian negotiations; if things move toward a settlement with Iran, then this settlement will be constructed at a time in which Syria has yet to exit its poor ties with the west, due to its slant toward Iran.
7) The length of your pants should fall at the top of your shoe, and the back of your pants should slant toward the heel of your shoe.