slam into (someone or something)

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slam into (someone or something)

To collide with someone or something in a very forceful or violent manner. Another driver ignored a red light and slammed into us in the middle of the intersection. He didn't see the dining room table and slammed right into it.
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slam into someone or something

to crash into someone or something. The race carout of controlslammed into the stands. The bus slammed into a truck.
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slam into

To hit something with force; crash into someone or something: The truck lost its brakes and slammed into the guardrail.
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Traveling well above the advised speed, the train jumped the tracks sending the train cars slamming into one another before crashing to the ground.
Just before the West Africans arrived, new shelling hit a crowded neighbourhood of tin-roof homes in Monrovia, slamming into one house and killing four children and five adults, aid workers said.