slam some beers

slam (someone or something)

1. To criticize every aspect of someone or something very harshly. The professor slammed my paper, calling it a total a waste of paper. The boss exploded at the meeting, slamming everyone involved with the ill-fated project.
2. To eat or, more commonly, drink something very quickly, especially in large volumes. He sat at the bar slamming beers and shots of tequila so fast that I thought we'd have to carry him home. She's a professional speed eater—she literally makes a living out of slamming hot dogs and chicken wings.
See also: slam

slam a beer

To drink a glass, can, or bottle of beer very quickly. Usually used in plural constructions. I'd rather just hang out at home and slam some beers while I watch the game. He can slam a few beers and not feel a thing.
See also: beer, slam
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slam some beers

See also: beer, slam
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