slam down

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slam someone or something down

to drive or strike someone or something downward. The wrestler slammed his opponent down hard. He slammed down his opponent and injured him.
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slam something down (on something)

 and slam something down (onto something)
to bang something down onto something. She slammed her fist down on the table in anger. Karen slammed down her fist onto the table.
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slam down

To put something down forcefully so as to produce a loud noise: I got angry and slammed down the phone. The teacher slammed a book down to get the students' attention.
See also: down, slam
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Quick-thinking driver Lee, aged 26, of Bilton, Rugby, swerved to avoid it, luckily causing the tree to slam down on the back of the van and not the front where the pair were sitting.
The urge to slam down the phone was almost overpowering but then I'd lose my place in the queue.
and I still get a rush of pleasure by reaching over to its blaring noise and gently slam down the small button that signals that my life has changed.
He tried to slam down on the brakes to stop - but hit the accelerator instead and shot on hitting even more cars.
If an actor looks like a wimp, it's not going to be believable for him to slam down the other character, but a bonk to the eyes or a glass of wine to the face might work instead.
If I'm losing, I usually slam down a couple of quarters, which is a move that I come to regret on laundry day.
County Durham/Middlesbrough rockers Slam Down have been working on their debut album Clouds for months but it's available at last.
When you see a 20ft wall of water coming at you, you're confident the boat will simply ride up it and slam down the other side,'' said crew member Clive Tu
She had never met this woman, had never seen her but she couldn't summon the strength to slam down the receiver.
Turn the dial, select your character and slam down on the face to launch your alien DNA transformation (SRP $14.
With two legs of the five-leg Grand Slam down, even more expectation will be heaped on Ireland but Kidney is staying level-headed.
You try to contact them because you're worried something's gone wrong and they slam down the phone on you.
I reach for the brakes and slam down the gears without so much as a skip or a hop from the rear wheel.