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drunk as a skunk

Extremely intoxicated. You're drunk as a skunk, stumbling in here reeking of alcohol! I only meant to stay for one drink, but I wound up getting drunk as a skunk.
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skunk at a garden party

Someone or something that is unwelcome or unpleasant. Running into my ex at that important networking event was like encountering a skunk at a garden party.
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drunk as a lord

Very intoxicated. Do you remember last night at all? You were drunk as a lord!
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*drunk as a lord

 and *drunk as a skunk
very drunk. (*Also: as ~.) After his fifth cocktail, Michael was as drunk as a lord. Judy bought herself a case of beer and proceeded to get as drunk as a skunk.
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Let every man skin his own skunk.

Prov. Everyone should do his own job and not interfere with others.; Each person should do his own dirty work. We weren't supposed to help each other with the homework. "Let every man skin his own skunk," the teacher said.
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drunk as a lord

Also, drunk as a fiddler or skunk ; falling-down or roaring drunk . Extremely intoxicated, as in He came home drunk as a lord. The three similes have survived numerous others. The first was considered proverbial by the mid-1600s and presumably alludes to the fact that noblemen drank more than commoners (because they could afford to). The fiddler alludes to the practice of plying musicians with alcohol (sometimes instead of pay), whereas skunk, dating from the early 1900s, was undoubtedly chosen for the rhyme. The most graphic variant alludes to someone too drunk to keep his or her balance, as in He couldn't make it up the stairs; be was falling-down drunk. And roaring drunk, alluding to being extremely noisy as well as intoxicated, was first recorded in 1697. Also see dead drunk.
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drunk as a skunk


drunk as a lord

If someone is as drunk as a skunk or as drunk as a lord, they are very drunk. I'm sorry, honey. It was my fault. I was drunk as a skunk. She was drunk as a lord for seventeen days. She could do nothing.
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drunk as a lord (or skunk)

extremely drunk.
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(as) drunk as a ˈlord

(British English) (American English (as) drunk as a ˈskunk) (informal) very drunk: I eventually found them in a bar, both as drunk as skunks. OPPOSITE: (as) sober as a judge
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1. n. a mean and hateful person. (see also polecat, stinker.) Must you be such a skunk in front of my friends?
2. tv. to outwit someone. That fish skunked me. I thought I caught him for sure this time.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. He was skunk-drunk and didn’t want to be bothered.

drunk as a lord

Extremely drunk. Members of the nobility could afford to keep quantities of wine, beer, and liquor on hand, and as much out of envy as stating a fact, the common folk described anyone, titled or not, who had a load on by that phrase. In these more egalitarian times, “drunk as a skunk” and, less elegantly, “shit-faced drunk” have replaced “drunk as a lord.”
See also: drunk, lord
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