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bit of skirt

1. A physically attractive woman. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jack knew he was the envy of all of his friends as he paraded around town with his new bit of skirt.
2. A derogatory term used to describe a woman who lacks value beyond being physically attractive. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can't believe my ex-boyfriend went out with that bit of skirt!
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skirt around (someone or something)

1. To lie around the edge of something. The small creek skirting around the edge of our property has always been a source of fascination to our kids. The proposed highway will skirt around the city to ease the pressure of rush-hour commuters.
2. To move around someone or something so as to avoid or evade them or it. The pilots changed course in order to skirt around the storm. I skirted around the security guard when his back was turned and made my way into the building.
3. To avoid or evade some issue or topic, as by circumlocution. He always skirts around the issue whenever I bring up pay raises for the people on my team. When asked about his role in the scandal, the CEO skirted around the issue with a longwinded non sequitur about his loyalty to his company and its customers.
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skirt chaser

Someone, typically a man, who very actively, persistently, and/or aggressively pursues sexual relations with women. After my brother's girlfriend broke up with him, he started drinking heavily and turned into quite a skirt chaser.
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A video or photo that has been taken with the camera aimed up a woman's skirt, often secretly and without her consent. I'll make sure that the man responsible for this disgusting upskirt video is sued.
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skirt around someone or something

Fig. to move around and avoid someone or something. (something can be a topic of conversation.) We talked the whole evening and managed to skirt around Fred. We had to skirt around the subject.
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n. a woman. Some skirt comes up to me and asks where the police station is.
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On travel day I wore one of my new skirts - neat and long; it was just right.
2 TEXTURED PENCIL SKIRTS DON'T discard your leather or PU knee-lengther just because winter is over - Bottega Veneta makes a strong case for textured pencil skirts in warmer weather.
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A Butte marine biologist is turning the slowdown in the Alaska oil economy into a launchpad for a new business venture: making all-weather skirts for women who ride horses.
I love making skirts because they're generally easy to fit, don't require too much fabric (or time), and I'm able to choose just about any fabric type, color or print.
THE Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee ( DSGMC) has served a legal notice on designer Tarun Tahiliani for allegedly using the visuals of Panj Payare ( five holy men) and Sikh holy sign Nishan Sahab on the skirts he had designed.
"Other skirts require manual adjustment, which means near constant monitoring," Mueller said.
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No, what shocked me was the claim that schoolgirls' ' skirts are getting shorter.