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skirmish with (someone or something)

1. noun A minor or short-lived fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with another person, country, group, military force, etc. Tom's skirmish with that guy in the pub landed both of them in jail. Our forces entered into a skirmish with rebels on the outskirts of the city. The country has been locked in an economic skirmish with its neighbors to the north over their plan to increase tariffs on imports.
2. verb To engage or enter into such a fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with someone, some group, or some country. Jack was expelled from school for skirmishing with some of the other boys in his class. The senator has been skirmishing with members of his own party recently over the issue of tax reform.
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skirmish with someone or something

to have a minor fight with someone, a group, or something. Tim skirmished a bit with his brother and then ran into the house. I don't want to skirmish with the committee.
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As pre-General Election skirmishing continues, Labour have seized on weekend assurances by Mr Cameron that there will be no "swingeing cuts" during the first year of a Conservative government.
SCHOOLS Secretary Ed Balls, pictured, sought to turn the spotlight on education today as the major political parties stepped up their skirmishing ahead of the general election.
While the large armies marched to and fro, fighting the pivotal battles and campaigns that are found in every history book, a host of tiny local militias scrambled about on the periphery, skirmishing and retreating in the midst of a sea of bewildered and fearful civilians.
Hunt Two Hundred dollars to defray expenses in going after Blankets for the Command." Yet a general picture emerges, of a unit constantly on the move, skirmishing with Union cavalry, scouting the enemy, and surviving in hardship.
Finally, we'd see legions of pro-Gates protesters skirmishing with counter-protesters dispatched by his arch-enemies Scott McNealy and Larry Ellison.