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skirmish with (someone or something)

1. noun A minor or short-lived fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with another person, country, group, military force, etc. Tom's skirmish with that guy in the pub landed both of them in jail. Our forces entered into a skirmish with rebels on the outskirts of the city. The country has been locked in an economic skirmish with its neighbors to the north over their plan to increase tariffs on imports.
2. verb To engage or enter into such a fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with someone, some group, or some country. Jack was expelled from school for skirmishing with some of the other boys in his class. The senator has been skirmishing with members of his own party recently over the issue of tax reform.
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skirmish with someone or something

to have a minor fight with someone, a group, or something. Tim skirmished a bit with his brother and then ran into the house. I don't want to skirmish with the committee.
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Their presence caused panic among residents, and it later led to skirmishes with government forces.
Several skirmishes also took place in Ankara and Istanbul last Saturday and Sunday between demonstrators and police forces without causing injuries, the statement added, noting that clashes broke out following force evacuation of Gezi Park in central Istanbul, last Saturday.
Both China and Japan claim drones over disputed islands are used for surveillance, but experts warn of future skirmishes in region's airspace
Despite some skirmishes, the festivities unfolded calmly, noted a TAP reporter.
Security Council expressed ''grave concern'' Monday over the border skirmishes and called on both sides to establish a ''permanent'' cease-fire.
The Koreas have fought three bloody skirmishes on the disputed border in recent years.
As the skirmishes were breaking out in the gardens, nearly 300 people gathered for an alternative event hosted by Unite Against Fascism/We Are Bradford about half a mile away at the Crown Court Plaza.
Five Turkish soldiers were killed and seven others were injured during skirmishes Friday with militants from the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK.
Last month there were skirmishes between Palestinians and Israeli police who were on high alert in Jerusalem where they prevented men under the age of 50 from entering the al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City.
Yes, I believe there were skirmishes before and after the match.
Forgotten fights; little-known raids and skirmishes on the frontier, 1823 to 1890.
FORGOTTEN FIGHTS: LITTLE-KNOWN RAIDS AND SKIRMISHES ON THE FRONTIER, 1823 TO 1890 details over three hundred lesser-known but significant conflicts of the western Indian Wars, describing skirmishes between Indians and the U.S.
Mexican federal authorities claimed that the victims were armed drug traffickers like those who had killed federal agents in earlier skirmishes. Hernan Aleman Serrato, an eyewitness who was a friend of one of the slain students, testifies that "several trucks of federal agents surrounded their pickup and unleashed a hail of gunfire, continuing even after the students identified themselves--an account backed up by other witnesses," continues the Chronicle.
It's deceptively easy to mistake the petty skirmishes of the moment for nothing less than such end-of-world scenarios as Armageddon, Ragnarok, and the White Sox winning the World Series.
Yet, the first centralizing tendencies appeared only after skirmishes between Native Americans and settlers led colonial officials to consider peopling the region as a buffer to avoid further conflict.