skirmish with

skirmish with someone or something

to have a minor fight with someone, a group, or something. Tim skirmished a bit with his brother and then ran into the house. I don't want to skirmish with the committee.
References in classic literature ?
The festivities were delayed awaiting the return of the warriors who had remained to engage in the skirmish with the white men, so that it was quite late when all were in the village, and the dance of death commenced to circle around the doomed officer.
On if there was a possibility of a skirmish with China and Pakistan, he said there was no such possibility with China, saying, "I do not foresee this as we have got robust mechanisms which are in place.
Provoking a skirmish with India may be part of a deliberate strategy to teach India a lesson, they added.
The North said it was merely "reacting to the military provocation of the puppet group with a prompt powerful physical strike," and accused Seoul of starting the skirmish with its "reckless military provocation as firing dozens of shells inside the territorial waters of the" North.
A security personnel of Frontier Corps has also reported to be martyred in the skirmish with the terrorists.
Since a naval skirmish with South Korea last November, North Korea has reinforced defense near the western sea border and increased drills near the area, according to the ministry's report.
11 (ANI): South Korean troops went on high alert on Wednesday in anticipation of a possible retaliation by North Korea after one of its navy ships was nearly destroyed in a skirmish with the South the day before.
Before arriving at Laurel Avenue several blocks away, Gatica said he and Imes were involved in a brief skirmish with other individuals near the concert site.
He also talks about his verbal skirmish with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez over Peru's political candidates.
Other than a speeding ticket, not a single skirmish with the law or a single blemish on his record,'' Kenner said.