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skirmish with (someone or something)

1. noun A minor or short-lived fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with another person, country, group, military force, etc. Tom's skirmish with that guy in the pub landed both of them in jail. Our forces entered into a skirmish with rebels on the outskirts of the city. The country has been locked in an economic skirmish with its neighbors to the north over their plan to increase tariffs on imports.
2. verb To engage or enter into such a fight, battle, conflict, or dispute with someone, some group, or some country. Jack was expelled from school for skirmishing with some of the other boys in his class. The senator has been skirmishing with members of his own party recently over the issue of tax reform.
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skirmish with someone or something

to have a minor fight with someone, a group, or something. Tim skirmished a bit with his brother and then ran into the house. I don't want to skirmish with the committee.
See also: skirmish
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The final skirmish is at 3pm and voting taking place from 12.
As a result of the skirmish, two violators were killed while the remaining trespassers returned to the Afghan territory.
At least eight Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in the border skirmish, although some local Azerbaijani news outlets report that the death toll has reached 11.
Both parties to the recent skirmish in Gyumri are refusing to testify but the police are not the way they were before and will
The threat of a Sino- Indian skirmish that may push the two Asian giants to the brink of war is so real that it has set the alarm bells ringing in the top echelons of the Union government.
15-- A skirmish broke out last Sunday between well-trained Republican Guards, Central security and the dissident 1st Armoured Division in northern Sana'a.
Skirmish units deployed in open order, though still in a line, as they tried to protect the main battle line; snipers usually acted individually, were exempt from ordinary duties, and seemingly killed without remorse.
In this week's skirmish, we preview the session ahead with a last look at the speaker's race and a closer look at 2011's budget struggles.
The skirmish began when Pyongyang warned the South to halt military drills in the area, according to South Korean officials.
The North said it was merely "reacting to the military provocation of the puppet group with a prompt powerful physical strike," and accused Seoul of starting the skirmish with its "reckless military provocation as firing dozens of shells inside the territorial waters of the" North.
The Fort Airsoft Skirmish Club had appealed to the Scottish goverment to ditch council conditions that only let them open twice a month.
Israel said the confrontation was sparked when Lebanese soldiers began shooting the IDF, said Iskandar, which implies that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet decided to engage in a full showdown with Lebanon and that it will not take advantage of a skirmish to launch a bigger aggression, at least for now, he argued.
12 terrorists were killed by Turkish soldiers during the skirmish.
A skirmish was said to have taken place in bordering Afghanistan with Taliban fighters who then tried to penetrate into Pakistan.
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